Hudson float valves unreliable?

I would say it is not required. Been using the same Hudson valve for 3 years.

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What is it used for if it us not a filter?

It’s a filter but if you notice the filter has a funnel like design. There’s a little plastic piece that goes into there and that plastic piece actually moves up and down when the water level hits it. I believe the filter is a guide for that piece to go up and down so it doesn’t go all over the place

I took a look at the plastic filter or whatever it is inside the Hudson float valve. It doesn’t look like it moves. It does look like it restricts the flow though. What is more disappointing is the way the valve works. After that plastic piece the water has to push a seal/valve down to get into the tank. The gap can only be a max 3/8 of an inch. That can’t be good for flow.

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That’s why I ended up drilling 4 big holes in the filter. Biggest I could get it without structurally crumbling the filter. Once these go out or if I notice I’m having a water supply problem, I’ll get the jobe

That plastic filter piece is only shaped that way to clear the center of the pin while still providing flow and travel to the float, once the valve is screwed in that filter becomes stationary. Being a filter it has to be removable. Throw it in the bin.

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I ran the same Hudson for nearly three years and now the last two failed within two weeks. Something has definitely changed.


Been using my Husdon for 4 years with no problem at all.

Seems like everything is going to crap. Checkout the thread about the Chapin pump up sprayers. I had all kinds of trouble with them this year.


3 years on mine, bought a spare in 2019 but haven’t needed it.

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That’s cause you devil dogs were never taught proper preventive maintenance techniques…except crayon preservation…hahaaha


Update- there is a new model of Hudson float out, I believe it became available in July of this year. It looks exactly the same as the old model but is about double the price. I bought it out of frustration and so far it’s held up great.

Is the flow any better than the original? The Hudson seems to restrict the flow.

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Lol…maybe if you would’ve done a little maintenance on that body of yours over the many years you wouldn’t have fallen off of that roof. Hahahahaha

Oooouch :frowning:

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I haven’t personally experienced a flow issue, but then again I run a 5.5 GPM and I have a 550 gallon buffer tank so water is rarely an issue for me. My problem was the old ones just weren’t shutting off the flow.

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Does anyone know if Jobe valves can be installed vertically (like in the top of a tank, instead of the sides)?

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It can be done with a 90 degree elbow it may restrict flow a little.

Which valve of theirs? I know the Vortex can mount vertically but I don’t know about the others.

Looks like the Vortex is just a larger version of their Topaz line? At least by appearance.

My gray cells are trying furiously to figure out how the valve would work in a vertical position (for either model). It seems like the float would push up into the pressure switch, turning it ON instead of OFF, when the water level reaches it.

I’ll check them out again this evening. Perhaps when they note they can be used vertically they are being used pointing up with a float. What problem are you facing where you can not use a valve on the side wall?