Hudson Float Valve Question

Hey guys, Getting ready to install a HFV here and I have a question for those who are running one. Do I need to install a pressure regulator on there somewhere? I do come across properties with crazy amount of pressure right from the spigot and I’m afraid the Hudson valve might not like it…

Please advise

Just had this happen yesterday my tank swolled up like a balloon good thing for pressure release lids water was shooting out the lid all over my trailer. Curious to see what other people say.

Cant use hudson got 2 and if i tight them too much water doesnt fliw in, if not too tight they fall into the tank…
So i have this…

There may be another problem with your hudson valve or set up then. The threads should not interfere with the flow at all, its a 1in opening and the threads to shouldn’t be restricting that

Ive had mine on commercial property that was pushing 8 gpm at a very strong psi with no problem. Unless the property is pusing 100+ psi after 100ft of hose you should be fine with the hudson.

Where you using a hudson valve? and what kind of tank, (leg or tote)?

I may just run a pressure regulator for piece of mind. Earlier last month we popped a DI tank at a property, The tank exploded so might just save me some trouble

The top cap of the valve.when i tighten it it blocks the fliw

That’s a sweet set up! Unfortunantly for me, I’m a one man operation for the time being and I can’t be running back and fort to shut the valve once my tanks full and the risk of runing my tank dry is high. A float system would really help me

I want a float system that works too

The HFV is a great float when installed correctly. Get one, if you don’t like it, pm me and I’ll pay for it.


Just went outside to take a photo for ya but I see why it quit working hahahaha guess I forgot to glue it lol. Been working for few weeks no problem haha.


I screwed mine in using threaded pipe.
One is hooked the other is at the bottom.
I do not know how to use them

Nothing wrong with not knowing. Post a pic and I’ll talk you thru it

Had to ask my kid to take pic
Reason i have 2 is because with 1 it took too long to fill.
This set up allows me to fill way faster.
I wanted to have them at different hights, so when it got to certain level it will continue filling but at slower flow.
Reason for too much tape was because i wanted to make sure it held tight… but didnt work.

If i tighten it too much to the “bell” then water does not flow through

How does two fill faster if still coming from single supply?

I just started using a buffer tank and only a few sessions with HFV… i just screwed mine together like anything else so sorry cant be of much help.

No idea but trust me…it does.
My biggest waste of time is filling up the tank to start working.
If i am by myself, when i arrive on site is to unreel hose walk to front door and ring the bell so it is right there.

Why not loctite
On that portion of the valve i have no thread tape.

Was just trying to make it work…thats all.
Like i said i dont know how to make it work.
Using tape inside tank is bad…