Hudson Float Valve Question


Two floats of one supply want flow more. That hanging pendulum will eventually snap off if driving with a full tank. Do away with the bushing on the float side, put it on the supply side and just run one threaded piece into float. This video is from Rob A


I do not drive with water.
I saw that video.
He and all the other videos ive seen have the top tighten, looks like it.
I cant have it like that and have water flow.
If you want i will send one to you and try it.
I just cant


That lower joint shouldn’t have thread tape on it; just the 1” fitting at the inlet. It’s meant to be removable so you can service the valve (clean out the built in filter or whatever). Having the tape is probably messing up the operation of the valve. Installed correctly, the Hudson is good for 40gpm. There’ll be no need for two valves once you get it sorted out.


The question still remains, do you guys run pressure regulator befoe the HV???



I have the same problem with mine…just happened for the first time after 3 yrs of use last week. It didn’t shut off the flow and I overflowed my tank. I assumed it was broken so I ordered a new one with my PressureTek order. The new ones have a totally different design (looks like a much more “failsafe”). In the meantime, I took my old one apart and found what you describe. It’s always been working fine, but it does exactly what you describe…not shut off if tightened too much. Anyway, I went ahead and installed the new one and now the old one is a backup. It might be worth your while to just order a new one.


To answer your question: I don’t use one.


Hudson float valves are rated for 100 psi and 40 gpm… I’ve run mine off hydrants with no issues. Occasionally they break because they’re not robust. I have one go bad every June/July.




Great info, Thanks!