How to divert muffler exhaust

How do you guys divert your muffler exhaust?
What u use?
I need it to go up

Pics would help

Are you wanting to divert the exhaust on the Honda, the hot box, or the generator?

On the honda, i want it to go up

I’m not sure which muffler your Honda has but I wouldn’t recommend making it go straight up. That’s just asking for rainwater to get into your muffler and possibly make it into your cylinder. More than likely it wouldn’t make it past your muffler but could cause your muffler to rust out sooner. If you use it everyday any water would probably get blown out though. I guess you could always put a hinged top on it like you see on older tractors or some type of rain cap.

Why do you want it to go straight up?

You’ll have to fabricate an extension that turns up or just slide it forward another foot or so. If those straps are the only thing you have holding that water tank down, you need some a lot more substantial.

Good eye Racer. I didn’t even think about it being too close to the water tank. I wonder if a simple deflector or shield made out of sheet metal would be good enough.

I assume that’s why he wanted. Not sure on the Honda, if you can change the exhaust direction with new muffler or not. Once you get out more than a foot or so, not that hot. Also could use some of that heat shield material like in engine compartment on front of tank where it hits too.

I am worry about the tank.
I will look for deflector shield, a piece if metal should do it.
They have it for smaller honda engines.

I will ask @PWProducts, …
Which by the way she should charge me extra10% :sunglasses:

NT sells the whole new muffler mount for the gx630, either going to the side or down low, for about $130

Why not put a heat shield on the tank… simple sheet metal should be fine, or a peice of copper.

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Bought 2 …this should work…ty guys

Why not just use @Racer’s idea and move the engine towards the rear about foot? That would be easy enough.

The sheet metal you bought should work fine.

They do sell flexible exhaust. Find that in the correct size and just clamp it on. You could then direct it anywhere you want. You could probably even get a 90 degree galvanized fitting and just bolt it to the exhaust port. A 90 degree fitting would direct the fumes parallel to the tank which would be fine. Even if the fitting is a little bit too bit it would direct most of the exhaust away from the tank.

I need the space…moving it a foot out makes dead space.
Will have to look for a 90 degree fitting.
The other option is to make a bracket, mount the PW on top and place the gas tank underneath…but then…will the PW be able to suck water and not create cavitation?

The bigger the trailer the less space you have…lol

Here’s a picture of flexible exhaust. You would just have to get the outer diameter of the muffler to the inner diameter of the exhaust. You will also need a clamp.


Just throw the sheet metal on the cage. Just use zip ties or wire it on if the zip ties would be too close to heat.

Post a picture of the muffler, give me the outside diameter of it, how long you want each side of the 90 degree to be, and I’ll make you something.

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I went to Home Depot. In the plumbing section you need to look for the P-Trap for sinks. Get the part that is in the middle of this pic. It slides onto the end of that muffler perfectly. Once you direct the exhaust in the direction that you want you drill a small hole through both and put a screw and nut in there to hold it in place. About $10. It works great for me. Ill try and find a pic tomorrow and post it.


That’s a great idea! It can be hard to find the perfect fit for things at times but sounds like you nailed it. Great job!

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It took me a while and a lot of walking around these stores.