How is set it up for weekend warrior


People will make fun of it but heres how i set my truck up fri after work to bang a weekend full of work out


I like it. You should add a cup holder for the Bud Light.


You know what’s better than a fancy skid or trailer and no work?

A set up that works and making stuff happen. If anyone makes fun you can toss em in a figure four leg lock and I’ll elbow drop em from the top rope.



Better than my set up now. I have to load/unload everything every time. Such a pain & truck is packed … Saving for an enclosed trailer


I wanna get a single cab long bed 2500hd add a buffer tank and solid mount everything and mimic what i have here sorta. Where i work having a trailer would be a pain. Homes around lakes have no room to park or anything


typical quick test and tune


You’ll be happier if you get rid of that tailgate


Haha agree but its not my “daily driver” i have a work van but idc to just put it down. Just gotta make sure i dont whip a hose end into while rollin up


You lost me at Chevy. :slight_smile:


:joy::joy: have my eye on a few 2500hd service bodies. Ive owned ford and chevy my whole life not really more partial to one or the other. Like yotas too but youll be damned if u ever see a chrysler product parked in my driveway


I don’t really have any loyalty when it comes to work trucks… until toyota makes a bigger truck. :slight_smile:
I saw a super slick Nissan Titan with a diesel the other day. That thing looked huge. Like the Canyonero from the Simpsons.


Some guys clock out Friday and piss away the weekend. You clock back in and make things happen on your terms. I like it!


How do you get that thing in your truck?


Slide in onto my car lift


Dont worry i make plenty of time for play haha


Not me lately! 7.5 hours at the college and 2-3 hours washing houses m-f then 6-10 houses on the weekends! I’m getting burnt out and season just started!


i wash about 15 hrs a weeks and the includes estimates, set up, maintenance. I allot time for it. Allot time for play and life and wont deviate from it. So far its all jiving. Once i clear anweekend worth of work another comes thru.


Ditto. And it’s May. If I don’t get the truck set up to run two more machines I’m ready to say screw it and go back to 1 house a day by myself.


I make more than enough doing 1 a day lol top that with my safety officer pay, full benefits, 16% retirement and I’m a happy happy happy! Oh yea and when baby gets here soon I get 30 days paid maturity leave! 28 vacation days, 10 paid days off for xmas, and 12 holidays lol