How is set it up for weekend warrior


I live off $1600 a month. I can do $1000/day pretty easy. But sometimes I wonder why I’m trying to grow and earn more and more when I’m such a tightwad, will always be a tightwad, and enjoy the game of being cheap as much as I do trying to grow a business.

If I won the lottery I’d buy a pre owned Tundra. I’m in a weird place lately where I’m trying to figure out why I do what I do because I have no clue. Lol


I have a 6x12 trailer. And your pickup bed looks better and more organized then my trailer. Good job.


Told the wife that last night. She was complaining about me not taking her blood pressure often enough and I said “I’m never home” then I proceeded to get grumpy and tell her I was going to finish the appointments I had and turn down anymore calls lol… I bought her an automated bp cuff and booked 3more jobs today.


I’m with ya on the weekend gig! Looks good man!


Its just weekend for now. Im pitting every penny i make back into it so i can get set up like i want. This works great but i want permanent set up i can park in my shop and get in and go. Im almost there.


That’s what I was shooting for. I want everything on the truck and plenty of chemicals so when I leave for work in the morning I’m not scrambling to make sure I have enough. Then when I get off I can bust out a house and go home! I’ve got 35 gallons of sh handy at all times.


I guess you would call me a “off days warrior” since this is my second job, and I’m just starting out, so I’ll admit that right now I’m ecstatic with one house a day. Its picking up and I hope that I am adding a second one to the schedule soon, but for now I’m happy that my phone is ringing! Gotta start somewhere! Haha


If you didnt do what you did what would you do until you were done


That’s deep man… Real deep…


…and cold.


That’s such an old joke it’s not even funny…lol.


My dad always said (still does say) “Live below your means and you’ll never have money problems” - I’ve lived below my means my whole life (especially since owning a home, kids, business, etc.) and it really does make my life alot more simple, peaceful, less stressful. It’s not being a “tightwad” it’s “proactively accomplishing a fiscally lean life by choice.” lol.


looks great. I started out with less back in the 90’S and there was nothing like there is today. keep up the good work