How is Obamacare going to affect your business?

Regardless of your idealogical or philosophical thoughts on the issue- how is it going to affect the way you run your business and your bottom line?

I’m so bent out of shape, I’m a pretzel. How can I run a business like this??

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It won’t I’m going to go on welfare and drink seltzer water on my front porch

Seriously, if you have employees- what are you going to do differently?
If you don’t have employees is this going to make you re-think hiring?

Seriously, this will not change a thing for me. Just another cost of doing business that needs to be passed on to the customer. There are 2 types of taxes that we charge our customer. Direct tax ie sales tax. And indirect tax, social security, unemployment ins, business taxes,etc. this is just one more to pass along. If you understand your business numbers this will be very easy to figure out and pass along. If I want an excuse for not not growing my business I guess Obamacare would be as good of one as any.

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I agree with what Clark has to say. However, I don’t believe that there is an actual requirement to provide insurance for businesses that have less than a certain number of employees (50 i think). You will be paying in the form of a tax as SCJ Roberts put it, which was the only way to get this passed due to the interstate commerce clause of our constitution. The government can tax without limitation and therefore, you need to understand the ramifications that this will have at tax time and figure out that cost into your business model.

This is a huge loss for the American people. He cannot get thrown out of office fast enough!

There is no candidate in here that blows me away where I feel confident enough to say he’s what I want. But I know what I don’t want and Mitt Romney said it best yesterday. The way to get rid of Obama care is to get rid of Obama.

Quick take on Obama care… He’s making it better to be poor In this country. If you follow this stuff, today there are more Billionaires here then ever before. So there numbers are going up. So whatever Obama thinks he’s doing all his staff has to do is look at the numbers because true numbers tell the story. There are more people below Poverty level now then in recent memory and that # is climbing. So you have more rich and more poor. So under Obama who’s getting killed here-- “The middle class”

If you think because you may be worth a smooth Million that your rich…far from. What Obama is really accomplishing and I’m not saying this is his goal but he has to take the blame because he is at the top… He is dividing this country more and more by suppressing the middle class to pay more of the burden on the poor… And guess what? Next thing you know there are some more middle class heading to the poor house.

Clarke above is right…but look deep into what he’s saying. To be successful he has to pass on the new expenses to his customers. Most of our Customers are like everything else…middle class. The Very rich customers that some of us have will not blink an eye to be charge an additional two to Three hundred more $$$. The poor won’t generally call us but the middle class does because they want there home to look good because maybe they can’t afford to take a summer vacation this year… Now they have to be hit again to cover guys like us who run a business…

This is why I think mainly that Obama has to go. It’s just an honest Opinion and if Obama was white,blue,green and was a Republican, Independent or whatever he still would have to go because his plan is failing miserably.

Hey don’t shoot me…it’s just an opinion and the r just like…well you know…we all have one…maybe some have 2:D

It is tough on small business. As a grow my business I feel like I am working much
more, for not much more.

I believe others have said on here that there is a threshold to when you get over
a certain # of employees or gross income you finally start to see the easy money start

But from 2 to 6-8 employees it just seems like the added expenses just trumps any
added income you are receiving.

Whether there is any truth to this or not I guess I’m not sure yet.

I do know that I get up every day to strive to get above that threshold, rather
than stay small/solo operator.

I have a part time employee that works once a week. I haven’t had the opportunity to do anything other than eat work and sleep. I haven’t had time to look into how this works. Can someone enlighten me about the new laws and how its going to affect me?

Very Simple - Don’t vote for OBAMA and we can repeal it!

It is hard enough finding good employees now, imagine how hard it will be if BO gets elected again and more people realize they can make almost as much money from unemployment and welfare as they do working 40 hour weeks.

As it is now, people are making 35k +/year on unemployment, sitting on their butts while we bust our butts to make ends meet.

To answer Thads question, we can adjust our prices anyway we need to but finding customers that can afford us AND employees that we can trust will make the game a lot harder. Big companies will get smaller and many small business will disappear.

I don’t have 50 employees yet so it has not effected my business yet. I am def not for it but as of now we are not effected so it does not change much. I with the other guys who don’t think it is worth dwelling on… All the time wasted thinking about it I could have picked up more contracts. At the end of the day you can’t change much so might as well just make as much money as u can and let these idiots try to take over the world. Don’t let it bring u down… Keep making money and growing… I am actually making it a goal to get 50 employees so it will eventually effect me.

That’s the way to look at it. Just keep growing.

That is all the more reason to pay attention to what is going on now and work at changing things to better suit small businesses.

On the news this morning they talked about Obama hiring thousands of new IRS employees to track businesses/individuals with regard to health care. They are not going after the big co. who can afford to fight the IRS, they will be going after the small guys (us) who cant afford lawyers. Its an easy “kill” for the govt. and will put more people on govt. assistance which is exactly what Obama wants/needs to tear down this country.

oh, so that is what he’s trying to do… I thought it was something else. Thanks for enlightening us all. ha.

he has added more people to public assistance that any other president in our history AND he wants to add more! How is that good for the country?

I had a feeling this thread was going to turn into a political discussion. I’m surprised it took this long.

From my understanding it will only affect business owners if they have 50 or more FULL TIME employees. If you don’t meet that threshold then there is no effect on you as a business owner. If this is the case then I will never have 50 full time employees. No matter what, I don’t need something that obtrusive hanging over my head and I’m going to vote accordingly come November.

right now it is set at 50+ employees, when that does not work they will lower it to any business with more than one employee.

Politics out of the way, If you have more than 50 employees, you should seriously think about having healthcare for them anyway…IMO