How do you secure equipment on your open trailer?

This is a question for you open trailer guys!

How do you secure your equipment to prevent (or at least discourage) theft? Specifically im most concerned about our pressure washer. We run a Pressure Pro 4000 which is on wheels.

The only thing I’ve come up with is bolting the thing down to the wood floor. But, if there was a way to secure it that allows me to easily remove it from the trailer on occasion, I would LOVE to know it!

At any rate, any suggestions?? Thanks!


I have my unit on wheels as well…I have mine pushed agian st one side of the trailer and have a chain wrapped around the unit and the trailer up right with a pad lock on it …so far I still have my pressure washer haha …

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Mine is strapped down do an open trailer. My current philosophy is, if I’m at a property the machine is running. If it stops running I’m going to find out why(quickly). This post is absolutely useless to you I’m sure.
When I’m not at a property it’s stored in my garage.

Mine is bolted to the trailer. I have it positioned in the corner so I can still change oil and reach everything fairly easily. If I have to go in a store for supplies, restaurant, or whatever, I’m not worried about it. If it’s not behind my truck, it will be locked in my shed. Chems and such are in a toolbox that can be locked. Now, the surface cleaner is a different story… :confounded:

I use the Master Lock cable lock. EZ on EZ off & doesn’t coil either. $20 @ Lowe’s. I have a 4 GPM on a wheeled aluminum cart and unload it after each use.

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You can bolt it down to your trailer and use the lug nuts for custom wheels that require a key to loosen them. The chances of a Crack head who steals pressure washers having that specific lug nut key is almost impossible.


Here’s a profanity laden video of my landscaping trailer after it was broken into last year. Crack heads cut the locks off of the back after cutting a chain link fence and sliding it open like a curtain. Gated storage lot with cameras, but they weren’t able to be found…

Your stuff isn’t safe in an enclosed trailer either… Sad. I did learn that this is the downfall of having vinyl on your trailer, they know exactly whats inside

I’m going to get you a bar of soap. I had 2 eight gpm machines stolen out of an enclosed trailer. They used an air compressor and air chisel to cut the bolts. They left a chisel in the trailer. One machine was brand new. Never even been ran. Put it in that afternoon. Hadn’t even given serial number to insurance. Spent $4k and it was gone 8 hours later. Everything goes inside the shop now and alarm set.

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Thieves suck.

I keep ours locked up in our shop but I’ve been planning to purchase a 14’ enclosed trailer soon so sometimes I could leave it out. Now I’m reconsidering after reading this

@Innocentbystander Wow.

Gracious! Well I’ve heard it said and I guess it’s true, that there’s no way to really secure a trailer and its contents. If a crook wants it bad enough, he’ll get it one way or another.

I love the idea of using locking lug nuts! I may use that! It isn’t gonna stop a determined low life, but it’ll discourage most and it’ll allow me to remove the PW easily without too much work! I love it!

Thanks guys!


Man that sucks! What all did they get out of the enclosed?

If at the house, you could always run an extension cord to your trailer from a 220 receptacle for a nice shock…My Grandpaw built a nice all metal, pole barn shop this is how he detoured theft… Very discouraging.

Please don’t do this. Your grandpa is an idiot.


Current kills! You cannot let go of 220! Stupidest thing I have read all day.

An electric fence transformer for cattle? That seems like over kill, might as well install a electric razor barbed wire 8 foot fence with keypad entry and surveillance.

My grandpa is an idiot because he didn’t want people stealing his hard earned equipment? People did thing’s different back in the day, they didn’t tolerate theft. I also didn’t say it was the best thing to do, but It is effective. And if someone steal’s someone else’s hard earned property and disrupt’s their livelihood, then in my opinion, they deserve nothing less.

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At least that would be safer than the 220ac suggestion. You could probably find a used transformer cheap on CraigsList.

I certainly wouldn’t want a dead thief on my conscience. Regardless of whether they “brought it on themselves”. People are desperate and getting stupider every day.

Then you are an idiot. Nothing anyone owns is worth another man’s life. No matter what. I guess the kid that leans against it or someone knocking on the door is fair game? I truly hope that you spoke without thinking. I am blessed to be an American and enjoy the laws set forth by the constitution, not to mention the laws of Jesus. Theft does not warrant death. Probably a good idea for you to move on with your hatred to others. Sure there ate other forums that would welcome you. For the most part, this forum is for gentlemen.