How do you reach 50ft height ? Nozzle vs telescopic?

Hello guys,
I’m just gathering everything up to start my PW business.
I want to tackle in the future buildings/apartments which are 50 feet height from ground level, using SH for removing serious mildew and dirt.
Since everyone of us wants to work smart, make his life easier, what options do i have to reach my goal
without using ladders or elevators ?
Working from the ground level assures me comfort and safety…

My setup is 5.3 GPM and 3500 PSI geardriven, DS injector , 3/8 hose.
I’m considering the assasin nozzle or a telescopic wand, hoping that one of these two will do the trick…
Any input is greatly appreciated.
P.S : I’m not from those 50 states and purchasing the equipment will be a real hustle, so if you have a great vendor, stick to him and be grateful, just my 02 :slight_smile:

Have a great one, Thanks !

I might have just +1 your whole text, except I think that considering assasin nozzle OR a telescopic wand, would’ve considered assasin nozzle AND telescopic wand, and hoping that both of these would do the trick, which part of the world by the way, I’m in small country 2 mil. Europe/Balkans region so if we are close to each other we can order a Container full of PW stuff :slight_smile:


You can have my stupid extension wand. It’s stoopid.

I’m not in USA either so you can pop round and pick it up any time you want!


Whys is it stupid, and where do you live?

He lives with the dolphins…


Haha, what, Australia?

1hp booster pump, 2ft lance, nozzel.

ball valve to turn on and off, no gun.

Don’t do this. Use a trigger gun. Be safe. Keep your insurance intact. Be professional .


Serious question, why is this not safe?

Call your inaurance agent. Ask if your coverage will continue if you use a flow device tuary does not automatically stop the flow of liquid and pressure when not in care and control of user [ie dropped). Same reason you don’t see ball valves at a gas pump. They work. Maybe even faster. Not safe tbough.


You got a point and you are completely right. I am just confused as to why this guy from would advertise this equipment setup. They have to know there are tons of people out there that would use this same setup he is showing.

I don’t think anyone does it to be unsafe or intentionally cause harm. Just haven’t thought about it or been dinged in an insurance audit. I am sure I do plenty of dumb things at work that I don’t even realize. Plus, vendors are to make a buck also.


I can get 60 feet weighty my machines plus run surface cleaners and turbos lol. Folks will cstch on slowly. In the mean time, the new fad is selling like hotcakes

Well at least now we have this information out there for someone to stumble upon. Someone should make a post about the stupid little things that could get you in serious trouble.

As for the topic at hand, I am assuming that the booster pump with a gun / 2ft lance would be a good idea. Is an x-jet attached to a 30 foot extension pole a stupid idea? I could see myself doing that and not knowing the repercussions. Obviously you would put the injector right below the wand. X-jet at the tip.

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I can think of no reason to use an injector and an xjet. Xjet won’t allow injector to work. I typically use a 6 inch wand. If something is over 4 stories we use a 3 foot wand. I’ve never seen a 30 foot wand.


I meant extension pole.

I was speaking about the injector that comes with the x-jet. You could remove the twist from the m5 x-jet and attach it at a different spot. It was brought to my attention that some people use them right after the pump as a stainless steal injector.

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If I cared more I’d work on a hose within a hose or dual hose system like an oxyacetylene torch that did the job of both a softwash pump and a pressure washer. I hope vendors care more than I do.

In the meantime if you wanna get crazy there’s a guy on YouTube that set up his system for two stepping semis by running 2 hoses through a fat hose and switching between 2 soap or high pressure after the trigger gun with a 3 way ball valve.


If you can manhandle an extension pole day in and day out without chronic back and shoulder problems you’re a better man than I.

I’m on Team Nozzles for the win.


Nope I can’t do that. Remember the chimney I washed without a ladder. Learned my lesson there. That pole is long gone.