How are you installing drop tube in SH tank

For those of you who use drop tubes into your SH tank, how are you installing them? I want to add a slotted pvc filter to my sh tank but I’m not sure how to connect it to the bulkhead. Should I just run my chem hose into the top of the tube and let the stick hang into the tank?

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3/4 inch bulk head fitting thru top of tank. 3/4 to 1/2 bushing on top with elbow and 1/4 barb. Bottom side:3/4 male to 1/2 inch pvc. glue in pvc tube to within 1/2 inch of bottom of tank. There is no need for a slotted filter or anything.


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I use a 3/4” fitting and a 3/4 tube with a fitting attached to screw into the fitting and run the tube through that with the slotted filter at the bottom.

I’ll send pics later


Thanks guys. I’m building a new enclosed trailer and I want to keep the SH off the floor and fumes out of the air. I’m not a big fan of chem tanks but it will save my trailer from rusting out. I like mixing in a bucket for every job but with the pails and bucket spilling while driving it destroyed my trailer.

I agree with all of the above. I also use a drop tube for my 12v because I didn’t want to use the fitting at the bottom of the chem tank. My drop tube hose for that one is 15’ long, and I have a 3-way valve off the pump’s output with another 15’ of hose coiled up. That way I can bypass the reel and use my 12v as a transfer pump. Very handy if you don’t have a forklift or gantry crane

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I’m using a chem tank in my trailer for downstreaming only. I have a separate chem tank in my truck bed for my 12v pump. I’m gonna have a 12v pump in my trailer for filling my pump up sprayer and and buckets if I need to use a bucket again for down streaming. I’m gonna try the air compressor transfer method for filling my SH tank.

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I don’t think anyone uses the bottom fitting for SH. Install a bulkhead on the top of the tank

I may do that this year. I do also like the ability to switch the dip tube into fresh water for easy cleaning of the 12v, but it wouldn’t be hard to just tap into my main tank’s plumbing instead.

I’m want to have a 3 way to switch from SH to water.


Agreed! I’ll probably end up using a tee and two ball valves because it sickens me to pay $40 for a plastic 3-way.

Build a proportioner. Costs under $200 and you’ll never have to mess with your drop tube again. You’ll be able to control your mix and rinse out your pump with a turn of a dial

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I like my 3 way

I just need to pull chems from one tank for DS. I’m going to have a GF valve or something similar to control my mix but I don’t need a proportioner. I’m just trying to get away from filling a bucket for my mix.

Oh @Jake_Lambert was talking about 12v. Use a metering valve. I’m sure a chlorine metering valve would work to control your ds mix if you’re tired of batch mixing. @Firefighter4hire what do you think?


Message me your address. I’ll send you a three way for ds


I have 2 metering valves, one for each machine I plan to install. I might upgrade them to GF valves. I don’t do roofs so my 12 in my truck bed is for concrete. The 12v in my trailer is for filling pump ups and maybe buckets.

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Thank you very much William. I appreciate it but I have extra 3 way valves for DS.


@Max1 I’m a little confused. @Clean_Blue are you trying to pull chem out of one tank and water to control your mix. Or are you just using you chem tank as a batch tank and you want to pull that and be able to flush the injector

He wants to be able to adjust his ratio without having to batch mix. Also wants to flush out his injector. So I’m thinking a 3 way ball valve with a metering valve on the SH side would work… what do you think?

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