Housecall Pro & Huge Convention

To those who are going to the Huge Convention in Atlanta on the 23rd & 24th, Housecall Pro is also running a mastermind event on August 25th. If you use Housecall Pro it’s only $49. To register for that and change my flight to a nonstop on Sunday was $55.22.

Just a heads up thanks to @MrSparkleVA. Also, HouseCall Pro is friggin’ sweet. That is all.


How does it compare to The Customer Factor? I like it as far as record keeping and invoicing but wish it would let me set like default disclaimers and such on estimates.

I’ve never used Customer Factor, but my favorite things about HouseCall are

The dashboard tells me whether or not I have my goal of $3500 scheduled for the week and if not, I better start calling or go back into a neighborhood I’ve recently worked in to hang door hangers a second time, etc. I can run a report seeing and date range I want.

The pre service emails with templates telling them how to prepare for our arrival.
The post service emails with review links.
The on my way text.
The service started and service finished text.
Uploading pics is better with HouseCall Pro than it was with joist.
The estimates and invoices are super professional.
You can add default prices and just click from a menu for your services.
I can add my proof of insurance right to the estimates.
I can add private notes in that I can see when they call next year like: Customer referred us to Mrs. Jones. Apply $50 referral credit or Apply Senior Discount to every estimate, etc.

But my favorite thing is the support staff. Any time I’ve ever had a question it gets answered in less than 10 minutes and it’s a real person. I had an issue with it not talking with quikbooks last week so I opened a chat window and it was fixed in less than 5 minutes. Seriously.

They will also take your suggestions and make changes to software if it makes sense or enough folks have asked. Worth every penny.


This is so huge…

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Thanks I’ll definitely look into it. I’m sure they have a free trial period or something.

Ive trialed house call pro. Its a great program. If I wasnt using jobber that would definitely be my 2nd choice.

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I have house call pro for 4 years now and love it , make my life a lot easier

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I just started my trial version. I’m going to play with it this week and if it works as good as I hope bye bye CF

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Does HCP beat Joist for organization? I like Joist, but Id like a “super organizer” along with my quote/billing system if you know what I mean. Whats the cost?

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HCP and Bidslot for answering my phones have been a game changer.

My biggest issue with HCP is that through the app it sends a generic email…you can’t customize every body of an estimate. To alleviate that I just access HCP through my browser on my iPad (just like from a computer) to be able to send customized emails. Still a pain though

They are aware of the issue and hopefully fixing it soon… I’d rather knock out estimates through out the day on my I phone.

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Same. I usually wait and send them from the lap top.

I still need to call Bidslot. One of those things I’m too busy for but it could help alleviate it. Lol

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It’s basically a CRM. You can pull reports that shows you who you worked for last June so you can do your annual check in. Or you can run estimates out to estimates approved to get your ratio so you know how many estimates you have to have out to make your goals. Etc.

I’d call it a super organizer. You can get a couple different levels of it. Or they’ll let you A la carte options from the other plans to the base plan.

Mine is $140/month. But I think it’s as low as $70. It’s paid for itself 100x over though.

Great idea…maybe I should input the customer and the estimate numbers but wait to actually send it until I get home.

The reason I started that is because I put a copy of my license for that municipality and/or my proof of insurance. It’s better via PDF than pics IMO. I sent one and couldn’t copy and paste in my regular estimate and invoice template emails so I just wait and batch all that work at once. Usually around 6:00 am so they know I’m an early riser and not lazy. Lol

Well when I ported my number to Bidslot nobody from AT&T told me that it was breaking my contract for my installment plan for my I phone X…because I ported my number they see it as I cancelled even though they put a new number on my phone and I’m using the same phone…so I have to pay for the phone in full by tomorrow…$999 . They got me good…the phone and number are connected throughout the agreement

Housecall Pro has a lot more to offer than joist imo. Having everything in on app helps keep everything organized.

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What’d we ever do before cell phones… lol

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That’s why we switched to Verizon. At&t was horrible

The basic for one user is $49. However from what I read you only have email support at that level.

I’m very tempted to just get HouseCall Pro from the start. I’m going to the Convention and have the Hotel booked until Sunday anyway. Anyone here have an opinion on if it’s smart signing up right from the get go?