Housecall Pro & Huge Convention


My opinion is joist is perfectly adequate if you’re getting up and going if you’re trying to decide between software and marketing. But 50-60 customers in you’ll want something more comprehensive. But if you go with HCP right away schedule a demo. I think its worth it if you have the operating capital and your marketing is covered. They’re at the convention too. They usually stock the booth with pretty sales ladies because they know we’re all cavemen. Lol.


Not true…I do the basic and I call them and text them all the time. Almost always respond in a few minutes


Great. I was reading how they have it broken down by level. I’m glad because I’m technically challenged when it comes to computers.


I’m taking my pretty lady so I’ll have to avoid that one lol honestly once I get this started as long as it covers its own expenses until spring I’ll be happy. I don’t even need anything from it. I’ve already got 15 jobs lined up including an awning cleaning and a fence staining job which I wasn’t planning on marketing for just yet.


Just got off the phone and did the tutorial with the rep. Very nice. The only thing I wish it had was a way to track expenses but I’m old school and can use a good old fashioned filing system for that. lol. I like the BeforeAfter picture feature that way when sending estimates to out of town prospects they can see how crappy their concrete looks before and how good it looks after :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Definitely register for one of our Masterminds! We are starting our road tour starting in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, and then Austin! You can register here


Found out today early bird registrations get one on one coaching session too.


You can’t believe, my is 19 $


@squidskc Maybe you know of a trick…other complaint with house call pro is that it won’t tell you when you sent a quote to an invalid email address like gmail or yahoo will. I’m really triple checking email addresses but I still miss some here and there


In your activity feed it will tell you all that. I’ll take a pic and post it in a sec.



Unfortunately, there isn’t an alert when one isn’t delivered (I wish there was an alert when they were delivered/not delivered AND opened) unless @Matt_Bonfiglio knows of an option to turn one on. You just have to be proactive about checking your activity feed if you’ve sent one out.


I see the activity feed and I know how to see when it’s open and stuff. But not when it’s sent to an invalid email


It’ll say not delivered with a red exclamation point


Also, hopefully @Matt_Bonfiglio will see this, but the “search” feature of the activity feed doesn’t do anything. You can type in anything and it won’t search.


I’m going to pipe in and concur with the decision to just forge ahead with HCP. I tried to support TCF but found the experience unfulfilling. Of the best advice I’ve received here, the encouragement to join HomeAdvisor and the encouragement to use HCP from my friend @squidskc have made me more money than anything. Many of you know my sordid background and my road to redemption I began this journey last Fall, and enjoyed my first $10,000 month in May. Wouldn’t have done it without this forum and my teachers and mentors. COULDN’T have done it without HCP and HomeAdvisor.


You were already on the way. It wasn’t either of those, may have helped a little, but you would have gotten there anyway. Congrats on your month.


Proud of you man. Like @racer said, you did the work.


I WILL beg to differ on one point: although I might have figured out on my own the encyclopedia of knowledge that I gleaned from this sight (highly unlikely) I would have done my early customers a GREAT disservice while experimenting. SURE, I may have achieved my first $10,000 month without you guys, but it just wouldn’t have been as rewarding or as enriching or come as quickly. BTW, today is Thursday, and I am scheduled for my 4th $1000+ day this week. If I took tomorrow off (which I cannot) my week would still total out over $5k.

WHAT A BUSINESS! What an experience, thank you all. Life looks very different from last year when I was slinging boxes for WalMart and wearing an ankle bracelet.

In keeping with the topic, I am eager to meet you guys in Atlanta in August, and the first beer’s on me!


Definitely something that has been recommended and on our radar. For now however you will have to use the activity feed.


I was able to type “Mike” and it came up with this