Hotsy fleet chems?

I think I can get a good deal on hotsy products, but I’m curious if they have anything worth using. I tried some Power Shine, but didn’t see the point since the pickups still had to be brushed 100%. I’d really like to 2-step, but I’m having trouble finding products that won’t break the bank to try.

If anyone has any input I’d appreciate it.

Hotsy chems suck. Been there done that. 2 stepping is by far the best and only way to get a true brushless wash 95% of the time. I’d also recommend a 2 step gun or 2 step remote to apply chems at 12,1500 psi if you want to do this full time. 2 step guns are around $600, 2 step Remote $1200. And you must run a trapped unloader to achieve this.

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You must have some huge muscles!!

I don’t do any fleet washing, but just curious why pressure trap?

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12,150 plus another damn ZERO oi wee boi that’s gonna clean en up real effin good

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Apply chems at 1200 to 1500 psi. Ya knuckle heads. Lol

a flow actuated unloader like a k7 will not let the injector draw chems at the right pressure for the 2 step gun or the remote system. Just doesn’t work. Ask @SurfaceTherapy.

Yeah. When trying to soap with a 2 step gun there isn’t enough flow so flow actuated unloader will just keep cycling off and on to bypass

I figured the hotsy products weren’t so hot, I was just hoping there might be something good that I could get at cost.

I have no plans to wash for a living, but I am curious why 12-1500 for chems. Does something bad happen at higher pressures, or more physically demanding, or maybe typical equipment doesn’t allow higher pressures? I was just planning to pressure inject at the inlet with remotely switched solenoid valves. I don’t see why that wouldn’t work with a flow unloader, but I have missed obvious problems before.

I just picked up a 4350@5.8 pump today, so I am considering building a whole new system, or maybe a second… too many decision

You don’t need anything more than 1,800-1,900 psi to clean trucks, trailers and heavy equipment. Anything more and your wearing yourself down for no reason. With heat, good soap and some technique that you’ll work out over about two years you’ll be flying.


Disregard lol

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Right now my pump and motor are capable of 2500@3, but with a slightly larger motor and a big pump I could hit 1500@5.5. I have a feeling that the extra flow would be much more useful than the extra 1000psi, and i could always nozzle it for up to 4000psi with reduced flow if necessary. At least I think that is how it works with an undersized motor anyways?

To each their own but it took me over 6 years to land on 4.7-4.8 @ 19 I then spent another 11 some odd years wondering how silly I was for not bringing my volume down sooner. I used to wash sometimes for 14 hours a day when all my machines were running ok and I could take a break from maintenance. You do you though!

My water regulator is set at 50psi, and I choked my inlet back to 30psi while running. I set my injection at 45psi and control the flow with a needle valve. It actually seems to work pretty well, except that Pink Thunder is the best chemical I have on hand. I guess I need to call hydrochem and see what 2 step would cost me. If the price is steep, I may call a few local carwashs and see if they will sell me 5 gallons of each.

On the plus side. I found 5 boxes of hotsy parts at work today that they consider junk since they aren’t a dealer anymore (I thought they still were.) Right on top were 3 20mm seal kits for my pump! Hopefully there are some valves and plungers in there too.

I’m pretty dang confused now. How do you downstream at 1900psi?

Yeah, I was pretty sure that wasn’t a thing but it would be cool though.

Are you asking me? You didn’t reply to me and I wasn’t tagged. If you are, I have never downstreamed chemical a day in my life.

Hydrochem is telling me not to upstream, but here I am told to apply at high pressure. I didn’t think you could downstream at high pressure without pressure injection of some sort.

I’m lost here sorry, what is it you’re trying to figure out or do?

If you have upstreamed your 2 step chems for over a decade, I guess that answers my question. I guess hydrochem is just covering their ■■■ by saying not to upstream citrus and grizzly.

Ok so we’re not on the same page what I was doing is adding a high alkaline truck soap before the pump. It’s called upstreaming and you can apply soap at 5k psi or whatever your pump is rated/running at. A two step gun is using a downstream method. By using a downstream injector at the gun you can raise the pressure without loosing the venturi effect which creates the vacuum needed to pull your chem in.

To add and confuse you more I’m the one actually two stepping. Make any sense?

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