Hose unroll all the way?

So was told late 2016 when I first started by someone that I need to unroll all is the hose off the reel before starting the pw so that it doesn’t swell up on itself especially with turning the heat on. Ever since I have been unrolling 100’ all the way before I start the motor in fear of causing damage. Is this true? Would love to be able to just unroll 10 or 20’ for a quick clean up or even just take out enough to do the car or driveway sometimes…

I wont start mine on a closed valve

I unroll mine just because I never spin my reels under pressure, and you always need a few extra feet after you get going. Never rolling the reels under pressure, I’ve never had a swivel leak or wear out. I have heard what your saying, but never experienced it.

Heat has nothing to do with needing to or not needing to. You can leave some on the reel if you wound it really loose to where the hose has room to expand and lengthen. If you wound it tight you can still leave some on the reel but you should lock out the reel. It’s hard on the reel doing it that way but it “should” survive.

Ok so the consensus is you can do it but not preferred.

To clarify, if I unroll 20’ of 100’, keep the ball valve open (I won’t start or stop the machine with it closed either) and do not move the hose reel at all while under pressure, no risk of damage will happen assuming I turn off the motor and relieve the pressure before rewind, is that correct? Or do you think it would be better to not even do that?

I just ordered a new electric all stainless titan 18 inch reel and I want to keep it alive for as long as possible. It’s rare that I need to do it like that but every once in a while will see something right when we are leaving (usually after it dries) that needs touch up, it’s a pain to unroll the whole thing again for something right there…

This is totally unnecessary unless you are pull starting

I don’t know anyone that would ever roll up a hose under pressure


I only unroll what I need I have never had a problem. I also start my machine with the valve closed. I’m not sure why either of those matter

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Pull off what you need and lock the reel


Thanks guys. I heard it’s bad to start Or stop the machine if the ball valve is not open as it builds up too much pressure. If it’s harder to pull it’s got to be harder to start on the electric starter and harder on the equipment I would assume. That part is easy anyway. I do feel better about locking the hose reel and only pulling out what I need in those rare times I only need a little bit. I would never try to roll or unroll the hose reel under pressure.

If you have an unloader diverting water back to your tank like everyone who has given their input does then when you start the engine there won’t be back pressure because the water immediately starts pumping into the tank. My hose takes about 5 seconds after engine starts before its under pressure.
My 4gpm is pull start and I’ve never had pull resistance doing it this way. Before I had a water tank however, yes I always had the ball valve open.

I just take off what I need then lock it so it doesn’t get loose on the reel.

Yes I do have a bypass. Great to know these things will help me save time! Thanks everyone!

I just wasn’t sure if the bypass flowed enough to work properly to do that safely.

I’m totally opposite, I unroll it all. To much rubbing against each other on the hose while in operation on the reel. but to each there own. But I’m on and off the trigger way more than y’all are.

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? What do you have your unloader set at?

No idea. It was set when I bought it. There’s no water flowing through the pressure hose unless the engine is running. Moments after the engine starts the unloader starts putting water back into my buffer. I start the engine with a gun attached and I’m not holding the trigger. Whenever I let off the trigger water starts going back to the buffer immediately. Is it not supposed to do that?
My 8gpm udor will be put on the trailer Thursday and it came with the unloader already set as well.

Reset the unloader till a dribble comes out of your bypass, when on trigger @ImpeccableCleaning

It very well may already be doing that. I’ll disconnect it from the buffer and fire it up and find out though. It should be dumping a lot when off the trigger though right?
I should probably do more research on the subject. I’ve just never had any issues and it came installed so I assumed all was well.

Yes sir…
Then you can go to lunch, talk to harry homeowners, etc, without the worry of burning your pump UP …
When you research it, if @Innocentbystander ain’t involved in the topic, skip over that and find one that does. :wink:
Saves tons of BS and babble

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My point was, water doesn’t flow thru the bypass when you are turning the key, like an easy start. Unloader has to cycle for water to bypass.

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