Hose reel mounting help

I have a plan in mind for my truck build and I want to mount the hoses in such a way that I can pull them over the side of my bed and not out the back. The problem I foresee is winding the hoses back up since my truck is lifted. Don’t how easy it will be to reach the crank. Any suggestions.

Electric reel.


That is definitely on the wish list but not in the budget right now…

Electric all day…and you’ll probably need to get a way to mount them so they sit on top of the bed side.

It’s only about 2x the cost…1 shoulder related medical visit will cost more.

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I will be minting everything on a 5 1/2 x 4 foot skid in the bed of my truck. It is a beginner build so very low budget. Trying to get two reels, the pw, and 50 gallon buffer tank.
The truck is my daily driver and I will need to have the skid removable for when I need the bed.

Good plan, a skid is essentially what I was saying. But if you’re planning to put the hose reels down in the bed, you’ll never be happy with it, I promise.

@Cory I toyed with doing the same thing- running the hoses over the side of the bed - but I too was not ready to commit to additional scratching or dinging up the side of the truck. So now I drag them out the tailgate. You could look into the cost of clear vinyl film on that side of the bed - like a clear bra you often times find on the hoods of cars.

Electric reels will be a headache. Mount reels on rear so you can pull directly out the back.

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Headache vs. shoulder ache…there’s always a trade-off. I assume yo mean wiring issues, since that’s the only way I’ve seen them be anything but a positive in our case.

Post a picture. Reeling hoses at a reachable height isn’t bad. I’d like to see how everything else is mounted

They drain batteries, corrode, break fingers, mangle hands, drag rose bushes and little old ladies with walkers back to the truck. I bought 6 at one time back in the day and took all of them off in less than a month.

I guess some of those could be the case. Corrosion is why we bypass them with the fluids, and no one has broken anything as far as I know (left hand on the button, right hand guiding the hose). The rose bush problem isn’t electric reel specific, just lack of care in use by a tech IMO. The little old lady issue is probably commercial/apartment specific, we tell people to stay (and keep their kids/pets) indoors.

I will however be thinking about a PW themed image of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” incorporating a run away pressure hose dragging her around the corner and down the steps…thank you! My day is now officially made :rofl:

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Take the lift out of your truck. Lifted work trucks are a terrible idea.


I currently have nothing to take pictures of. I am still in the process of getting all my equipment.

Truer words have never been spoken.

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Skip the truck mount, get a 5x8 trailer. Your back will thank you and you won’t have to keep removing that mess every time you need the bed for something.

Thank you all for the input. I will have to play around with it when I get I get all my equipment. Like I said previously the truck is my daily driver. I may just have to run the hoses out the back untill I can afford a trailer or an actual work truck.

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I wouldn’t recommend anyone getting a trailer that small. That’s something he’ll immediately feel the need to upgrade.

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He seems to be on an extreme budget, why I suggested the 5x10. Trailers have gone up in price a lot here. It’ll be considerably larger than his truck bed.