Honda GX690 Starting Issue

I have a 8 GPM belt driven unit powered by a Honda GX690. It has close to 600 hours on it. I have recently repainted my trailer, so I had to take off all my equipment to do the job properly. All of my equipment is mounted back on the trailer. Now my pressure washer will not start. At first, it was not starting at all. I could turn the key and get the flywheel spinning, put it would never crank. So I went down the list of troubleshooting. Changed fuel filter. Fuel is getting to fuel pump which is then sending it to carb. Ignition coils are good and spark plugs are getting spark. Air filter is clean. I changed the oil in it because I had over 3 quarts in it and the machine calls for 2.1. Oil change did not fix the issue so I resulted to starting fluid. It will crank with starting fluid but oil started coming out the exhaust and the motor blows out thick white smoke. Can anyone point me to what might be the issue or what to check next?

Faulty low oil switch possibly.

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Check oil again. Drain to exact full mark. Wait. Wait. Wait. Next time you check oil and it shows high again, you likely have fuel slipping through the carb and pouring into the crankcase. Start using fuel cut off valve and that’ll be the cheap and easy fix for that.
You could also pull the dipstick, leave oil on it and hold a lighter up to it to see if it lights. Not for like 30 seconds, but maybe a good 5 seconds or so. If it lights, then you can confirm the at gas is getting into your crankcase.

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Also, ensure engine / trailer are on level ground to give the low oil sensor a chance to try and work.

check and clean fuel solenoid

Check wiring? Sounds like maybe ground doesn’t have good enough connection. Metal to metal with dielectric grease.

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Gx690 won’t start at all, no noise from starter. How do i make sure it’s the starter itself and not wiring or else. Bad timing, starting big job …

Nothing happens when turning key.

Check all connections, mine wouldn’t start last week, negative terminal on battery was loose.

Starter ain’t spinning? Be more Pacific.

Nothing happens. No noise at all.

Connections are a great & easy place to start, as @dcbrock said & probably the most likely place to have an issue. Troubleshooting is a process of isolating the problem.

Update: When bypassing the wire to the box where the key is it tries to start and water comes out for 3 seconds but no fuel is drawn through the fuel tube and it stops

is the hourmeter still show it has power? Check fuse?


And hour meter doesn’t light up

So, if the hour meter doesn’t work in the ‘ON’ position, good chance the issue is somewhere in the key switch or the associated connections. Sounds like the starter is spinning though. I had a car back in the day that quit on me & tried to leave me stranded. It would try to fire up & immediately die. I noticed the dash lights all went out as well, but if I turned the key forward 2% the lights would come on. I got it running & drove it home with the key switch turned 2% forward all the way home.

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With fuel dropped directly in the carburetor it fires then stops, but pulls no gas.

Does it show your hours in the ‘run’ position?

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By the way, don’t start your engine full throttle. Pull the choke button out & set the throttle at 1/3, then slowly close the choke as it warms up.


Looks like it’s a fuse?