Honda GX390 Motor What Pump Needed?

Thinking of buying this GX390 motor.

What pump would I use?
Id like to start out with a 4gpm then upgrade to 5.5gpm prob next year.

I searched for pumps and so much comes up that I a little lost on what I’d choose.

I’d like to go on the cheaper side with the 4gpm since I’m not going to keep it long.

The 5.5gpm I’d prob go either mid way or best on that one as Ill have it for alot longer time.

If someone could give me a couple Proper options I’d be greatful.

Ps yes I’ve searched.
When searching 100 different kinds come up and I’m not sure what exactly I’m looking for.

By the way that motor is $250

I’m a hagler at heart so I’m gonna offer him $225.

Ill pay the $250 if he turns it down.
From what I can tell it seems like a really good deal?

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Why did you link to my post? @DoubleH just curious lol

That’s funny, I copied the wrong link

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I’d put the 5.5 on it

I’d slow down and do more research. Do you have a business plan or are you just messing around with it? That is a great price for a GX390 tbh almost too good but if it works then hey just make sure you run it for a bit before you buy it. Make sure there’s no bad noises or leaks it’s okay if the carb ain’t the best shape since you can replace that entirely fairly cheaply and easily.

What do you plan on cleaning? Will you be getting a surface cleaner (absolute necessity) and other equipment? I would go for a 5.5gpm pump on that motor btw.

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I have most everything already but only a 2.5g machine.
Surface cleaner
Pressure tek roof kit
200ft gh
200ft pwh
50 gal spray tank
Only thing I really need is hose reels and a trailer.
Both coming soon.

Thing is I ran across this motor and I’m gonna grab it while I can.
Prob won’t do anything with it til spring.

Yes just side work. Boss had enough work for me at his plant to damn near pay it all off. That’s why I decided to buy everything.