Homemade Softwash gun


Anyone have the link to the homemade roof gun set up bookmarked…I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I broke the gun that came with my bandit already. I have a regular garden hose sprayer that’s working for now but the distance seems to be suffering.I remember seeing someone made one from PVC but I can’t find the thread.


Just a ball valve, 1/2 hose barb, and 1/2in reducing to 1/4 bushing for a quick connect


I made the same thing but with nylon barbs. More fragile but doesn’t corrode.

Does anyone know if there are PVC quick connect nozzles out there? Just curious.


I made one out of pvc for roofs and posted it here


I’ve never seen them, but sounds like something that could be produced on a lathe fairly easily. Now the sockets would be another story…

Edit: this is the only PVC nozzle I’ve come across so far. But you still need a quick connect for it


That’s the thread!!


Where did you get the black pvc wand from? Size?


The black pvc pipe in the picture i posted can be bought from lowes/home depot in the sprinkler section. They have a few sizes as well


I bought one of the fancy ones online for softwashing and never even put it together… I like garden hose sweeper nozzles. KISS i guess…


Closing out the trailer for the year I realized my 6 dollar homemade 12v gun I learned to make from this forum made in the entire season with heavy use and zero issues. pwra info wins again. Keep up the good work boys!