Hiscox not covering our work

Hey everyone. I’ve been washing for about 5 years now. We’ve had our first issue come up last year, and I’d appreciate some advice.

We’re an LLC and insured by Hiscox. We softwashed a house. A year later we get papers served to us claiming $25k in damages. Hiscox told me the following.

“The policy excludes coverage for areas that any insured is working on, regardless of who is doing that work. For example, if a housecleaner damages a glass shower using the same squeegee they always use, that would be excluded. In your scenario, if someone tripped over your hose, and injured themselves, that would be covered. If there was overspray that damaged a neighbors house, that would be covered. I am not aware of a policy with any company that covers “your work” as defined by the policy. This is a standardized form that most companies use.”

I finally got the alleged damages, which shows grey siding that had some white streaking on it. The homeowner’s insurance already paid to have the house resided.

I am not asking for legal advice. I’m just curious if your policies cover your work? I haven’t cancelled Hiscox yet, but don’t see the point in paying for existent coverage. Seems nonsensical and pointless. Still, I see many threads here recommending it.

I wouldn’t use them, but no one will cover your work unless you have some type of CCC rider.

I tried googling it and couldn’t find anything. What is a CCC rider?

their insurance didn’t give you a chance to remedy or make any conclusion of what happened, not your problem anymore. get the name of their insurance and see if they can cover you as they quick to pay or

Some companies don’t use the term Care Custody and Control (CCC). I found a company that doesn’t use that term but covers the building I am working on. A lot of companies don’t. You found out the hard way.


That’s right. Their insurance is suing us now via subrigation though. So it seems that they want us to cover. I didn’t receive papers until 1 year after the job was done, hearing nothing from the customer or their homeowner’s insurance.

Their insurance should go after your insurance company. You shouldn’t have to pay anything even if your company doesn’t pay.

Gotcha. Yeah, it seems to be that way unfortunately. Do you mind sharing who it’s through? I see no reason to pay for insurance that doesn’t offer this.

Don’t listen to them. I think you can tell them your not paying and work out something. Maybe someone who went through this will way in. Very interesting post though.

Crum and Foster out of Florida. My agent is Lou Palor.

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I agree with that. Hiscox says they have no reason to do anything since our work is not covered by our policy. They seemed firm. Not sure what I can tell them, even though I find this completely unjust.

My brother in law is a lawyer at a large insurance company and fights this stuff in court. I just text him. I’ll let you know.


Can someone put in dumbed down hillbilly words “your work” The way I read that is if I wash a house and crack a window, that’s not covered. Is that right? because that seems to me to be the entire purpose of insurance.

Insurance typically didn’t cover your mistakes. It’s covers theft, you hurting someone, someone getting hurt on your job site etc. It doesn’t typically cover you breaking a window or killing plants etc. That where you have to carry additional coverage. And that’s why not many people clean apartments :slight_smile:

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That is correct. Give them scenarios and see if they cover them. Some companies call it ccc.


My brother inlaw got back to me. He said:
Sounds like the homeowners insurance paid the homeowner for the damage and is pursuing subrogation against the business owner. The business owner may have to pay if it was negligence on the part of the business and the cause of the damage. But the business owner’s insurance may provide a defense to the lawsuit and cover any resulting damages.

I actually had to deal with this for years being a window cleaner. It’s called ‘workmanship’, for example if you are washing a window and scratch it, it’s not covered. My insurance agents always told me it’s better to take the ladder and smash it instead.

Hopefully CCC does in fact cover ‘workmanship’, we’ll see.

Is that where my umbrella policy come in?

No. You get sued for 1 million because Granny trips on your hose. You insurance policy only covers you for 750k. Umbrella policy covers the 250k. It’s basically insurance on your insurance is my take. Bear in mind, I know how to sight in a gun, weld, run a fire scene and whittle. I’m not a professional insurance advisor.

Really? That’s the reason? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I thought it was dealing with all the hassles of people leaving crap on their balconies, etc.