Help with plumbing a water filter


So I have a buffer tank going straight to my machine. using all regular water hose fittings.

Will this go right in or do I need an adapter?


A little vague. Do you mean garden hose fittings?


If I understand you correctly you will need ght to mpt adapters


yes garden hose thread. So I think I think, a female GHT to 3/4 MPT, and then 3/4 MPT to male GHT… I bassicly have a GHT plumbed from the buffer to the machine.


Sorry I know this sounds so bad lol. But I have never done any kind of plumbing. I bought a buffer tank and it had a hose that was already plumbed to hook directly to the machine. I just got a hang of how the m22’s and pipe threads work lol. I think I got it figured out… next I need a way to make a drain on my tank without having to discounect any fittings…so I can fill buckets or whatever while working and not have to waste so much time unhooking the hose.


Put a y on your hose reel. You can get the right one at ace or amazon


You may want to consider upgrading to 1” plumbing between your buffer and machine. This will protect your current investment, and prepare you for when you inevitably choose to upgrade machines.

You’ll need a new bulkhead fitting, get a 1” filter, and replace your current gh fitting on the pressure washer with what’s sometimes called a “king nipple”, which is a 1/2” mpt to 1” barb adapter.

If you need the ability to disconnect the tank, you can use 1” camlock fittings to do so.

Use a tee fitting between your hose reel and tank with a ball valve on it so you have access to rinse water as you wanted.


If your machines 5.5 or below keep your current set up… buy a few bucks in adapters and be on your way. Honestly go to your local hardware and bring in your hose and filter. They’ll get you straightened away


I bought it already set up with. I think a 2 or 3 in ball valve directly on the buffer tank. thats reduced down with a camlock fitting to a 1in hose about 10ft long, and with a GHT on the end to hook up to the inlet on the machine.

Trying to order off the WCRA but the new site it glitching out hard…

All I think I need is a filter to the machine, and somehow buy a T connecter or something with about 6ft of hose and a ball valve that connects to the tank as well. Then I should be ok. I am running 4gpm right now, but I plan on doing that 5.5gpm upgrade on my gx390 I see everyone doing. If i can get 2500psi Im good, and 5.5gpm should move quick on simple house washes.


Is it bad That I have put off buying hose reels still? Honestly I have gotten pretty good at winding up my hoses. about 5 minutes and im gone. It is on my list of things to get ASAP. But with my tight budget Im still making sure I have back up injectors, a gun and some O rings. Kinda riding with the bare minimum right now but its working.


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Here is my setup. It’s still new and I’m not sure how it’s gonna work long term, but I like it. The 2 inch banjo valve off the tank has a quick connect so I can dump lots of water fast. And I have a hose running out the back for bucket filling, hand washing or whatever. I also use the ball valve at the back with an adaptor I made for pulling antifreeze in my pump.

The other way (front of trailer) runs into the filter then machine. I used 1inch ntp with barbs to connect them.


Sorry it didn’t upload the first time.


Where did you get that T? looks like exactly what I need


I bought all of the fittings from an agricultural supply company. Any large ag supplier should have all the fittings you could need. Tractor supply may have them but i doubt it.


What is that fitting called that camlocks to the bulkhead fitting and comes out to a T? See If i can search for it and find it, or If you have a link that would be cool.


I’m not exactly sure what it’s specifically called other than a quick connect coupler.

Here is an example. However I suggest find a store and put them together so you can get exactly what you need. Also get some spare plugs, barbed fittings and pipe dope.


I’ve been there. Not long ago actually. I understand your thought process but as soon as you feel comfortable that you will have a semi steady stream of business, make your life easier and impress your customers.


To clean your filters or replumb


If you’re going to be pulling from your buffer tank for your machine, you really don’t want threaded hose connectors because the suction can pull air which will cause cavitation. Hose ok if force feeding thru a spigot, but not when sucking.


Interesting I haven’t heard that.

So what is cavitation?

And how do i plumb with out threads?