Help with plumbing a water filter


Cavitation is usually referred to in a hydraulic system when the flow demand of the pump is too high, or there is some sort of blockage in a line, causing the line to crush in on itself. Kind of like pulling a vacuum on a system not designed for a vacuum.

I believe what racer is referring to is sucking air through the threaded fittings causing air bubbles to run through the pump and essentially causing a “misfire” on a plunger. You will feel it as a studder from your pump.

If you do use threaded fittings it is essential to ensure no leaks. I agree that it is easier to develop leaks using threaded fittings. I put mine together this way because I honestly wasn’t sure how it well it would work.


I am just confused on what the alternative to threaded fittings are…



Threads into the pump with a barb to clamp your inlet line onto.


What they mean to say is, threaded garden hose fittings which rely on an o-ring to seal. The seal dries out, and will start to let air seep in.


Ok. So yall are saying to remove the fitting the pressure washer came with on the inlet and replace with a barb fitting? the barb seal better than threads?


You can also use pvc with purple primer and cement. That’s what plumbers have been using for a very long time. It’s easy to work with once you get used to it. The pipes, couplers, tees, bushings, reducers all either slide in or over one another and they are glued permently.


Pvc isn’t really recommended for pw’ing setups. It gets brittle with age and UV (sun) exposure.

You want non-collapsible suction/spa hose. No plastic fittings on the pump. This is actually a pretty good guideline:

(There insistence on some details are open for debate, but it’s a good starting point)


Thanks, I take back my comment about pvc. Not a good long term move.


alright! I spent all day messing with my rig. This plumbing stuff isnt too hard. Just had to get my hands dirty.

You can read all day about something but you dont learn until you do it.
So… I have a IBC tote with a 2 3/4in bulk head fitting on it with a 2in ball valve, then I have a 2 inch PVC T fitting, with 1 side reduced down to a 1 inch Hose running to my 1in water filter, then back to 1in pipe reduced down to 1/2in on the inlet… and the other side just running 2 in hose about 6ft with a ball valve on the end, for accessory water.


I’m glad you got it worked out.