Help. Soft washed a home, customer's concrete now has orange stains

I just did a soft wash on a really dirty home. Everything went really well but i received a text today from the customer that his concrete patio now has orange stains. We just used a bleach mix and elemonator mix.

What should i do to remove these stains?

Try your hw solution, should bring it back up and rinse away.

I wouldn’t be :100: that is caused by you…either concrete is still wet in the picture or the sealer is failing

they noticed it after it rained

I guess I’m just wondering what caused it? The customer said it is concrete with some sort of powder coating to make the concrete a certain color. I’m looking online and from some other pressure washers they are saying SH won’t stain like that.

That’s rust. You didn’t cause that. High quality h2o, iron, and science caused that.

You might’ve brought out the rust somehow, but you didn’t leave it behind.

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Thats what i was thinking also. Ive seen SH bring out really light irrigation stains on siding, like in the other post.


It will be a sad day when that guy leaves the planet.

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And this…

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Fake news?

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I am going back Monday to clean up the concrete with the orange stains. Would my surface cleaner be best? Should I pretreat with CLR or another treatment?

If that’s rust and that’s what it looks like, the surface cleaner isn’t going to do anything but maybe make the difference between the stain and the underlying concrete more noticeable. Rust Remover plus or maybe some oxalic acid will remove it if it is rust. If that concrete is sealed as has been suggested it might remove what is left of the sealant too.

This looks more like one of those cases where you cleaned something and now it brought their attention to a preexisting condition, which is of course your fault…

Why? There’s no way you did that. Look at that 1/2 circular pattern one with the drips. You did that? You spilled something in a circular pattern on the concrete that is now underneath the sealer? How is it you think you stained this?

If that concrete is stained under that acrylic sealer then you’ll have to strip the sealer first. That is not a surface stain as far as I can tell. Trust me, I have watched every single episode of forensic files, so I’m practically an expert on blood stain patterns. But hey, patterns are patterns and what made that semi-circular pattern?


I believe that was made when the rusty metal lid from a can of sealer was removed and dripped on the concrete. Find the man with the lid and the case is solved!


He is a friend and a co worker, and while it may not have been the house washing that caused this, I would like to help clean it up or fix it as best as possible. So at this point, I guess finding the solution to his current issue is what I am looking for.

Well, good luck. It’s noble to want to fix a problem you didn’t create but be careful that you don’t create more problems for yourself in trying to be the hero. Sometimes you have to explain that when things are washed it reveals problem areas that the customer never noticed before and leave it at that.



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