Help picking business name

I’ve been reading on this forum for months now but finally made an account. Would like opinions on business names. If you don’t like any I have listed, I’d appreciate some that y’all can thank of. Thank you

Clean Freak Pro Wash
Premium Pro Wash
Clean Nest Power Wash
Cornerstone Pro Wash
Performance Power Wash

Where are you located? Is there a specific area you’re looking to target you could name your business after?

Where I live there is a very small are I’m looking to create a niche in that I’m making my business after so when people who live in that area see the name it triggers a response for them.

I live in western ky in the middle of about 5 small counties that all have about 20-30k people but there isn’t anyone in my area that really is memorable or stands out so I’m trying to do something that would make people remember me. I plan on doing basically all exterior cleaning services (house wash, roof, gutters, surface cleaning, decks, etc)

There’s about 5 different towns I plan on working in so it wouldn’t probably help to just pick the one I live in

Kentucky Klean
West Kentucky Wash and Klean

I like the suggestion, Western Kentucky Wash and Clean. Other options could be:

Western Kentucky Power Washing
Western Kentucky Exterior Cleaning Services

Make it easy for people to see your name and know what you do.

Don’t those names seem long though? I like them I just thought short and sweet was better usually.

Think about the first list of names you gave. They all had power wash or pro wash with random other words in front. Western Kentucky specifies your location and power wash specifies what you do.

People want easy. They will search google for [Location] Power Washing or house washing or pressure washing. Think about what’s easier for customers to find or what they will be searching for.

Just because you have a catchy name doesn’t mean they’ll have a clue of what you do or what services you provide.

Its your business so name it what you want.

The suggestion from @PPWofLexSC of Kentucky Klean is short, sweet and catchy.

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I appreciate the advice, very helpful. Do you think just shortening the ones you gave sounds good, like West Ky Power Wash or do you think the full Western Kentucky Power Washing sounds better?

Sadly the Kentucky Klean name is already taken by a house cleaning service in my area

I don’t think it matters. If it were me I would stick with the full name and for a website I would register westernkypw or westkypw to keep it short. But I’d also recommend owning the full westernkentuckypw and if anyone types it in it can redirect to the correct url.

Among your initial ideas, I like Clean Freak the best. You could have a really fun, caricature type logo to go with it.

For example:


I vote “Kentucky Moist Man.”


What’s with “pro wash”? You want something that’s easy for others to remember. Something with your county’s name isn’t a bad idea

Copeland Cleaners
Copeland Exterior Clean
Kentucky Clear Choice House Cleaners
Western Kentucky Exterior Cleaners

Got any major landmarks near your service area? Rock formations, valley’s, bodies of water, etc.? Consider incorporating that into the name.

I’m obviously a fan of simple. It also makes people think you’re a franchise (I get that a lot). Kentucky Power Washing is not taken as an LLC but Kentucky Pressure Washing is. I’d snag the power one.

2 Likes is available for $11.99


Yes make sure the domain is open before you pick a name . Also make sure there’s no one with a similar name around

I’m with @TexasPressureWashing on this. Simple, available and with a matching domain.


Big Red Exterior Cleaning