Help me build my trailer


I have A 5 x 10 3500LB single axle trailer, a 35 gallon leg tank (for mix) a 55 gallon drum ( for SH) and a 125 gallon buffer tank, 4K generator & 20 gallon air compressor.
I plan to mount an un-yet purchased 8gpm machine, and get a ww 19" 4port suraface cleaner.
I cant decide whether to put the SH 55 tank on the trailer or in the garage and get a cheap 12 volt pump to make up mix.


Will you ever use 55 gallons of mix in a day? If so, put it on your trailer. Otherwise it will just be taking up space.


Leave it at home and and just use a hand pump to fill up 5 gallon pails. Make your mix and carry a couple of pails.


Why are you carrying a generator and air compressor around with you?


no, I will never use 55 gallon SH, however, the SH distributor I found pumps it to you tank from their waREhouse, they dont deliver. So I would need to pull the trailer up to their door to pump to me, if that makes sense.


Because I have it and it can be used for other uses. I mainly use it for my framing nailers and such. I do a variety of handyman stuff. Grinders, drills, sawsall, etc.


I thought it was for a softwash air setup, hah. Are you planning on doing roofs? If not, then a 35 gallon tank (or smaller) is plenty for downstreaming and you can leave the SH barrel at the garage. If you are planning on doing roofs, then you might want to keep the SH barrel on the trailer.

As far as the logistics of buying more SH and transferring it in and out… that’s up to how convenient you want it to be for yourself.


No roofs, yet. Yes, air compressor for diaphram pump down the road as well, save on 12 volt setup. Dual duty I expect. Plus I can air up my tires! HAH


Honestly if it were me if you’re going to so to the extent of an 8gpm marching, buffer tank, mix tank. I wouldn’t have the trailer set up as a general handyman set up. How often will you be framing and pressure washing in the same day? Is the compressor electric? If not what’s the generator for? I’d build a PWing trailer and have a separate “handyman” trailer. Or just load and unload the compressor and generator in the truck as needed. I to have a 5x10 and it fills up fast…
For the SH drum I’d just have 2 drums and transfer and store at the house… that’s about 450lbs saved of 3500 available.
Let us know how it goes. Post pictures!!!


Thanks all, I’ll post pics when the tanks get installed, to see what’s room left.
It’s a 5.5 X 10 3.5K single axle.


These came in today, and are just set loosely for now, will probably orient them differently, but I was surprised at the amount of real estate I had to give up. Not sure if the smaller tank will be a mix tank or an SH tank with a pump to make up 5 gallon bucket mixes. Thoughts on the tank(s) positioning or useage?
I also have a 55 gallon drum, but the space is running out FAST!


Don’t make 5 gallon mixes. Make the 35 gallon tank the ds tank. carry a couple of 5 gallon pails with SH to refill the tank. That will give you 70 gallons of mix for the day. By yourself that should be plenty. Make sure tanks are turned around the other way


Yes, I will turn them 90 degrees and put angle to hold them in place and strap down. They just came in today and my son threw them on the trailer. Yes, I orignally thought using it as a mix tank. So you think I should pump some 5 gallon buckets of SH from the garage before heading out? Add water to the mix tank with buckets as well? Then surfacant to make 35 gallon mixes as needed throughout the day? I figured as a mix tank, I could do up to 7 houses, or several drives and/or sidewalks…


That’s how we do it except we use 65 gallon ds tanks. Same concept


Wow, 65 gallon downstream tanks? How much output you using each day?
What size of buffer tank?


125 and 65 gallon buffer tanks. Each truck does about 150 gallons of ds mix per day


I am not worthy, LOL.

I have a day job, this is not my primary income, so I am starting slow, but, not cheapest. I want medium or better setup. I have $12K in verbal commitment for this spring, Plus I need to wash both of my houses and both of my brotherinlaws houses, so that another 1k. It’s all business expense and property acquistion, I have done the game, and have my EIN.


I think this is a cool tank.

I have almost the same set up as you. 125 gallon buffer, 35 gallon chem tank. Right now I have a 25 gallon tank as a down stream tank and for me it is a little too much.

16 gallons would be just about right to wash 2 houses a day with a few extras (decks, fences, etc.)

Normally I am washing a house then running to do some windows, I don’t straight wash all day.

Also with the 35 gallon plumbed to a hose and ball valve I can make different mixes if I need too.

This way you could also draw off the 35 gallon tank with a 12 volt pump to mixing valves and that would give you the ability to have over 100 gal of roof mix at your disposal.

Just another idea.


Thanks, I am just soliciting ideas, Have about three months for setup before the temps get above freezing…sigh.


Did I say I hate winter? It’s 6 degrees in my garage. Brrrr. Can’t work for a couple months…