Help me build my trailer


Wash where it’s warm. I’ve taken a crew to Florida and knocked doors when it was frozen here. Do what you have to sometimes. If you dont have to, that’s even better.


“Wash where it’s warm”

Uhm, where would that be?


Haha. It’s been ridiculous this week. I just got 16 inches of snow on Thursday.



That must be some heavy mold


Well, it has to be remediated and that takes ghost buster clothing


back on the pipe I see


You got pretty good at Photoshop making all those certifications huh.


Look at that. I don’t even need photoshop.


Ok you are right. I can delete those posts. Would you like me to delete them?

Sorry @Sharpe and @Innocentbystander again. You guys know I get a bit crazy sometimes!


Your doing great! Keep up the good work.


Everyone is going to run their businesses differently. Having the correct clothing to protect yourself from the hazards of the job is something my business makes mandatory

Mold remediation is a serious thing. It should also be taken very seriously. That is why I wear adequate protection from chemicals and mold.


Thank you for the encouragement. You have been an inspiration to us all.


Your such a baby. I try being civil and joking around with you after you call me a carnie or wtf ever you said( which you seem to have way more knowledge than me about) and you throw a fit and start photoshoping. Your going to have to learn to live with me if your going to keep making accounts becuse I’m going to be here for awhile so we mine as well just get along and take jabs at each other once in awhile. There’s no need to go bat shit crazy and act like your 7 every time I say something. We mine as learn to live with each other becuse I don’t want to constantly be fighting with you on here. So grow a pair…take a joke… Make a sarcastic comeback…and deal with it. No need to go to war ever time we disagree. Can you live with that?


you actually get upset. I do not. I feel bad for you because you seem obsessed with me and whenever I post something you feel you can make fun of for whatever reason you jump on it. You feel I am a liar and that is cool with me.

It’s also very hard to tell when you are making a joke or trying to make a joke out of me. You have called me a clown and many other names. So now I just assume that you are making fun of me.


Man, the photoshopping is a little beyond the pale. You promised to behave after you were banned and came back. Pretty good group of guys here. Maybe it’s time for you to mosey on for awhile


Maybe it’s time for you to start treating people with a little courtesy. You provoked me by screen shotting something I wanted deleted. You provoked this own up to it.

Maybe it’s time people start calling you out on your less then perfect actions.


@Innocentbystander I think it’s funny that I attempt to delete a post that would have derailed this thread and you use your immature actions, screen shot a deleted post and then proceed to derail the thread. Then I make a few posts and you freak out.

You derailed the thread and I tried to stop the thread from getting derailed. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Nope, A grown man shouldn’t hide what he says. You deleting your posts just makes everyone else’s post that follow make no sense. You photoshopping posts to make it look like people are saying things they are not is childish, lying and a violation of the terms and conditions of this forum. Like I said. Probably best for you to mosey on.


So is posting a deleted post to make sure it can’t be deleted. That is a violation. So you are violating the terms of service as well. Maybe you should mosey on as well?