Have you ever had a job you couldn't wait to get done?

This is one of today’s sales. I love cleaning brick as it often makes for really good before and afters.

Most of our sales are over the phone but I felt like this was worth a site visit. I was right.

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ohhhh, thats gonna be a good one!!

That’sa going to be a homepager right there :wink:

I realize im bringing this post back from dead, but let’s see the after pics!

We run a dilute roof mix and bigger tips in the surface cleaning thing for brick cleaning.

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WOOOOW!!! I can’t wait to start pressure washing and take my first before and after pics! I get the feeling I’m going to enjoy pressure washing a whole lot more than window cleaning. Awesome pics Tim.

Here’s the front steps of that house.

We later did the roof cleaning.

Total tab on that job was close to $1,700.00


Maybe my favorite before and after of 2012.

Actual raw photos, no alterations.


Man! how did you get those pictures to match up so well? I take a lot of time trying to get my before and afters to match up, but i can never get em that close! Do you get it as close as possible when taking the pic and then go and crop it so they line up with each other?

That’s brochure and web stuff right there!!!

Great work! Better watermark em.

Like this?


Man nice pictures. I really like that church picture.

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In this case it was a tripod. Because it was tripod mounted, I zoomed in once in a while to take better close ups.

This picture is titled “noodle”. Yeah, after five years in business, I bought a noodle. My son didn’t like the idea but I wasn’t convinced that the fatboy would get it done. I was right.

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Here is a pic from yesterday’s job. The photo got emailed to the customer along with the invoice from customer factor.

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Here was one where the sixty foot lift was maxed out and I still could have used a noodle. Using the noodle would help in not having to wait for the wind to subside when applying detergent.

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Two more then it’s off to the farm to make some maple syrup. Talk about life in the slow lane.

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Sidewalk pics? I love sidewalk pics.


Some great before and after pics in this thread! Nothing better than heading out in the morning knowing you have a sweet job, a happy homeowner and easy $ lined up!

Unfortunately it’s always those jobs that stuff seems to go wrong on in my experience. :mad:

Yesterday’s end of the day job:

Total onsite time was 38 minutes. Customer paid $250 “straight cash, hommie.”