Have you ever had a job you couldn't wait to get done?


What’s a noodle in PW jargon?


A noodle is a twenty four foot extended Fiberglas pole to pressure wash with.

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This is one that I did about a month ago. What a difference!!!

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That’s a beautiful transformation!

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Thanks, Tim.
I have an 18’ which is stuck and limits me to 12’. I haven’t used it in years, but maybe I should bring it along.


Every job I can’t wait for us to get done so we can get to the next job since every job is money in the bank.


This is a great thread. If anybody takes pics with their iPhone you should look into an app called Frametastic. It is super useful for before and after shots.

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My first job cleaning a brick-house. Thanks for everyone’s advice and responses. I’m learning more every day from this forum.

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One of my favorite before and after pics.


Awesome! I could swear they just laid new stone…


Did you clean that with roof mix or house wash mix


Those pics were from 2013. I don’t think that guy is here any longer.


Positives Reviews and Good Pictures make us money!


Thanks. I was hoping he was.


Roof mix all the way


Thanks @Tim4


You are still on here after all. I stand corrected.