Hauling pressure washing trailer

Hello all, I have a 24ft heavy, metal trailer that has two hot pressure washers and a 325 gal water tank.

Recently I added the second pressure washer, and since then I have been having issues with my 1999 GMC 2500HD, which I tow this trailer with a lot.

Do you guys think that I am now over towing, possibly causing the issues? Or this is just coincidence?

Those of you who tow a trailer this size- what truck have you used and not had problems with?

What sort of issues? What engine do you have?

Towing definitely adds a little wear and tear to a truck but, you have to realize, your truck is 20 years old. It’s bound to start having issues sooner or later.

I’m not sure what the tow rating is but it has to be over 10k pounds. I wou.ldn’t think adding another 800 pounds or, whatever it is, will start causing issues. My guess is the issues were bound to happen.

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I tow an 18ft trailer with two hot water skids, a 325 gallon tank, 3 55 gallon chemical tanks, plus 6 hose reels and I’ve never had an issue even fully loaded with water and chems. Driving a 2010 Tundra. Check your tow rating.

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Yeah…but your Tundra can pull this…



Yeah, thats what i’m thinking as well. thanks for your input

I have a 6L engine, it’s radiatior has cracked and how the engine in leaking oil bad. it’s in the shop right now. I was thinking about getting a diesel, but i feel like that is a waste of money based on what i’m towing, based on what ive read online

Diesels are great if you have the $$$, and make sure maintenance is done correctly$$$, and know diesel stuff. I myself dont feel like taking that on,so gassers is.

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yeah same here. thinking that diesels may be out of my price range. they are super expensive

Radiators are plastic so leaks or cracks happen. Oil leaks happen too. Rubber seals don’t last forever. Hopefully it’s just something like an oil pain gasket or a cooler hose and not the rear main seal. Stuff like that just happens and especially on older vehicles. My truck is 15 years old and have had my share of repairs. Heck, I was driving down the road at 55 mph and coming up to a stop sign. I push the brake pedal and it goes to the floor. There was a highway 30 yards ahead with a semi and cars coming. Luckily I was able to swerve into a cornfield and there wasn’t a deep ditch before it like there usually is. I ordered and installed stainless lines after that! That’s the rust belt for you though. Steel brake lines should be outlawed.

You may have a Vortec LQ4, 300hp/360ft-lbs. very durable, but I suspect that huge trailer is stressing the motor quite a bit, especially as the truck itself is well over two tons.

My carpenter friend has the same truck, he gets like 9mpg with the bed fully loaded. I couldn’t fathom what you must be getting.:grimacing:

Oh and just the water tank alone when filled is pushing 3000#!

I picked up a 2012 GMC 2500 Hd with the 6.0 and I love it,especially the tow mode,it’s like a Jake brake. Im hauling an 18 footer with 2 hot skids , 325,buffer tank.

What I’ve been looking for. People are really proud of them around here, plus I want an extended cab with 8’ bed.

I never understood the appeal of a gas burner HD. My great uncle towed a 16ft crestliner in his 06 Silverado hd stock and we had to stop for fuel at least 10 times round trip IN to MN.
I had a 02 Chevrolet lifted on 35s 8-10 avg what most HD’s are averaging pulling a trailer maybe 11-13. I do miss that Allison though.
I have a 13 ram now on 37s with mods and pull my pressure washing trailer 275gals of water at 18mpg. Shop prices are outrageous gas or diesel. Parts aren’t that much more than other parts on most things.

I get ya @mgcmike , I wouldn’t trade my 1995,5.9 cummins at 12,13 mpg for the world,but I bought my 2012 gmc 6.0 gaser for way cheaper than a duramax,with an allison tranny. @11 mpg

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Those old goats man 330+ on some still going. These 4th gens are absolute dog :poop:. 7 recalls later a rear end at 80k. I’ve wanted to do a 2nd gen swap with a bigger turbo on this one but my stock turbo is still kicking lol. I’ve always been a Chevy guy. My grandpa sweat and bled for chrysler for 25+ years. After Mercedes bled them dry their quality and customer service is so bad I would probably buy a duramax for my next truck even though 3/4 of my family still own and buy dodge/Jeep to this day.


Wow! thats scary! Expecially with a trailer attached. yeah true, I guess i cant expect an old truck to just work like a champ for ever after towing all day. thanks for your imput

yeah since its newer perhaps you will have more luck than me x)

nice. love the flatbed on that truck

thats cool. does lifting help pull the trailers? yeah thats interesting. yeah it does cost a lot on gas when i’m towing. probably about $25 a day since mainly we do local jobs.