Haters wasting time

https://offerup.co/U2PzB7EvUQ 4000x4gpm with 12volt customer roof kit mounted.

$11, $12 if you drive a hard bargain


He wants $9500 for something that cost $7500 new. That’s halarious


Uuuhhhh…dude…??? They have that at my local Northern Tool. Maybe do some research before putting it for sale on a professional pressure washing forum. Besides that’s a crap 4gpm direct drive pump on a nice motor…why wouldn’t they at least put a belt drive 5.5gpm pump and a larger burner.


This is for the whole business,

Trailer mounted 4x4gpm with added custom surface cleaner mount and ladder rack
12volt 5.5 vpn roof system with 200’ hose
34” surface cleaner
Vendor contracts
HomeAdvisor reviews 5star
Google reviews 5 star
Y’all reviews 5 star

**this is not just for the northern tool unit, that seems to be hard for people to read I guess…

Why are you quitting power washing, Brandon?

Reluctantly, I started when I got layed off, and now I got my job back where I use my degree…

I love PW and the PW community, but kids gotta eat so it’s back to 9-5!

“Kids gotta eat” It would seem your Buisness is not very successful. Why would you think it has a valve ?
Your trailer is worth half what it was New.
Used 12volt soft wash is worth nothing since they don’t last very long anyway.
A unsuccessful website has no real value
If you have contracts then they have value. If there actually contracts with profit built in

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Business is not booming, but it is less than a year old and has a great reputation, brand, and has small contracts with huge companies which someone could build from.

The vendor relationships are with uhaul and CEC entertainment.

The value in the contracts is that the hardest part is achieving the vendor approval( which I have done already for anyone who want to buy the business)

The website has a value because of the professional nature of the page and the features to connect with customers.( Post your website, let’s see who’s is more professional)

You are obviously a person whose business has enough time free to be hateful in PW Forums.

Don’t be rude or hateful to people.

I’m not being hateful I’m being realistic. I don’t have a website Because don’t need one. Good luck in your new job. And good luck in your sale.


You didn’t list any of your contracts in your listing so all we have to see is your Northern Tool trailer. That many hours on a direct drive pump really effects price since it runs at the same rpm as the engine so it runs hot and don’t last nearly as long as belt or gear drive pumps. It’s tough to sell reviews since a good portion of them have your personal name in them. I hope the sale goes well for you…I’d be more detailed in your listings as to what it includes …especially with your contracts. @florida_condo_cleani was just being honest and realistic with what we’re looking at


Are you open to trades of equal value? I have a good offer.

Fine, but exactly zero people asked for his or your opinion… not being rude but you found my item for sale and for some reason gave your opinions on it…

Since we’re really examining the value of your business, and not so much the entry-level equipment that comes with it, please give us some statistics.

What were your gross sales in the last year?
What was your average hourly for on-site labor?
How many customers total did you do service for?

PS, a quick word of advice: when someone makes comments that seem overly critical or unhelpful, the best thing you can do is let it roll of your back. Thank them for their input, and move forward in the conversation. It may not seem fair, but it’s the best way to go.


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Fully modded honda. Low miles 1 owner female driven.
Has some minor cosmetic damage but motor is good sounds like a hair dryer. Clean title in hand. Garage kept.


No I’m getting out of pressure washing.

  • this is where you post a picture of something stupid “which is equal value”. Finish your GED

^^ FTFY😉

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^^ FTFY :wink:

Thanks i need to go finish my GED

It’s spelled loss GED boy