Haters wasting time


It’s not you’re either guys come on!!


Could you please fix this grammar for me houston. If so ill trade you the honda PLUS 75 lbs of aluminum cans crushed and bagged.




Ya don’t be dume


That one was actually funny


So, I refuse to look up ftfy because Alex is always using words I Have to bing. @Cleanup_Houston, sell you stuff for $3500 on craigslist and be glad you got your job back. No one is going to pay more than that.


Fixed that for you


I got an offer for 4000 last night on offer up… I was actually pretty pumped about it.

Look, asking 9500 doesn’t mean I plan on getting 9500. I need the forum to help spread the word that I’m selling this to PW people.

Let me negotiate the price.


The forum is generally for those that contribute here


You can’t sell a “hobby” …


He is contributing to my humor so I’m ok with it .
Screw the negotiations let’s start bidding.
IBS left of at $12 I will see your $12 and raise you some special sauce from AC locker


Being a forum bully goober is not contributing…


He was the only one who put an honest price on your rig. At that point he has officially contributed more than you


Lmao did you call IBS a bully goober​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Seriously bro nobody here is going to take your bait. If your looking to get more than a decent price for your stuff that’s what eBay is for. Most people here are at least somewhat educated on what stuff cost new and used .
If you were trying to get to much for your car would you take it to a dealership? No obviously.


Watch me


You could probably sell it for a decent price to a landscaper, handyman or painter that is looking to expand thier bussiness.


That obviously blew over your head. Go gettem slugger.


Post it on some PW facebook groups , lots of guys in the Houston area .


I’m starting to see why his business wasn’t successful