Has anyone had any experience with Cleansol BC?

I did a customers home the other day and told her it had oxidation on it. She call me later that day saying “ I think the chemicals or soap you used dried before you got it rinsed. There’s some pretty bad splotches and streaks on all sides.” I went out there today I tried rinsing the house again. But it’s clear it’s just the oxidation. I know that I have know control over that. I was curious if anyone had any experience with Clensol BC? I saw a video where I company used it and it seemed to do the job. But I also wanted second opinion!


Never used it, but have heard good things about it.

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I have used it as a regular cleaner, not on Oxidation And it cleans well, leaves a nice shiny coat behind… not oily or anything just a nice clean shine… but its pricey


Thanks. How do you mix it to clean with it?

Unless your fixing a mistake, you have to be crazy to offer total oxidation removal.

Your opening a can of worms you might not be able to close…


Agree with @KMP, be careful.

Ok thanks. Also after I washed there is what looks like staining on the vinyl. I know it wasn’t from my mix. It kinda looks like where the mold was. So does mold ever leave a stain? I’m going to try to go by today and get pictures.

That staining usually IS a sign of soap, your surfactant. I suggest that the mix you’re spraying may have too strong a concentration of surfactant, and that if you aren’t rinsing with a LOT of water these problems will occur on the sunny side of the house and with much greater frequency during the Summer.

Your fix? For this house, brush it out. Going forward, use half as much surfactant as you were, and remember that oxidation is ALWAYS worse on the sunny side. You may want to wait that side out, and as soon as the algae disappears rinse that side before moving on.


Scratch what I said about the staining. I got a better look at the house and it’s just oxidation! In the past she’s always had it pressure washed and the last time it was done was 5years ago. I’m the first Soft Wash she’s had done. And she says the oxidation never showed after they did it. So she thinks that some happen when I soft washed it! She wants me to us Krud Kutter to try to fix it. And just sent me the link about Clensol BC. Would you have a recommendation on what I should do in this situation?




Here’s the before

On for the afters

She should’ve had her house washed sooner. Looks to me like the siding under the algae isn’t oxidized as bad because it wasn’t in the sun. Always try to explain to the customer that oxidation might be an issue and let them decide if they want to go through with the wash. Oxidation removal should be an additional charge.

Gutter Grenade will work but takes some brushing. Why don’t you give that Clensol BC a try and let us know how it works? We did have an EaCo Chem representative on here not too long ago. Maybe he can give some more info on it. @EaCoChem

That video from Raymond is a great representation of what Cleansol BC does to Oxidation. I have used it myself in testing our chemicals it really does work great… Look I know I work for EaCo Chem so of course you will take what i have to say about it lightly, that is why the video he posted is so great. Since that video Cleansol BC has sky rocketed in sales with numbers we have never seen. Whats great is that it does so much more then just oxidation removal. Here is a link to a simple short video just saying what all it does.

If anyone has any questions please contact me at Ed@eacochem.com or call 724-656-1055



What’s the cost for a 5 gallon pail?

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I forgot that Cleansol BC is an EacoChem product. They have always steered me right and given me realistic expectations. It would probably be well worth it to get a sample amount and give it a try.


A 5 gallon pail through us is $126.10 plus shipping, It ships hazardous and that really ups the shipping. I included a link to the distributor locator if you find one near you that stocks it or can order it in for you that would be a better cost effective way. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions 724-656-1055

Please remember Cleansol BC is a concentrate so 1 - 5 gal pail is like getting 4 -5 gallon pails then of course you dilute to what you need from there.

thanks, Ed


@Jarel How did that turn out? Did you try the Cleansol?

I’m to am curious.

I just emailed a local distributor. I’m going to pick some up and give it a try on oxidation. Would be awesome if it really is a no brush fix for it.

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I finally tracked down a distributor who can order some for me in Houston. Even calling Eaco chem was a bit of a hassle. They don’t push or make their products readily available it seems. 2 other distributors in Texas didn’t have prices or any in stock. For cleansol BC or One Restore. NMD 80 was easier.

1gal one restore 36.20

1gal cleansol bc 30.25

$30 in freight To Houston TX

Through Hou-Tex Construction Fasteners

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