Has anyone cleaned propane tanks

I just got a call to give an estimate on cleaning the exterior of two 30,000 gallon propane tanks. Has anyone on here ever done that and if so what things do I need to be careful with.

No smoking?


Don’t use the flamethrower method


Ground entire trailer to tank being cleaned due to static ignition potential at least that’s what we are mandated to do.


I’ve washed a few. Algae comes off when downstreaming. I had 1 took that I used the xjet on. They are safe to wash.


The trailer will be about 75-100 feet away. Thanks I was just wondering about any safety concerns

You may want to ask what they mean by clean.

I have customers who say that but what they mean is “Please use a hydrofluoric acid product so it shines like a mirror after you are done”…they want shiney, not just clean.

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Usually around here propane tanks are white. I don’t think I have ever seen a stainless propane tank before?

I met with him this morning. He just wants them clean enough to be painted if necessary after cleaning. I think SH will take care of it if not EBC. But it looks more like tree stains

Hit it with 3-6% with an Xjet and be home by noon.

I don’t have an xjet. I’m was thinking about 4% with my gen 3 and rinse with my water dragon. I don’t think downstreaming will be strong enough

That will work. No DS wont be enough. I have tried!

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Will be great to see the after shots on those!

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Here’s some before and after pictures. One more batch to go


That turned out a heck of a lot better than I expected. Great job!!


It took about 70 gallons of mix. I’m going to Home Depot and get a respirator my head is pounding from the smell.

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Great job. Those before/after pics would definitely make it on the website.

Absolutely. I’ve been slacking in that area. I have a boatload to email Taylor at mister pipeline. She’s going to hate me when she gets to work on Monday

Looks fantastic. I might approach my local propane dealers about cleaning theirs. How much did you charge?

Did you end up using SH or something else?