Happy Thanksgiving my PWR peeps!

May you and yours have a blessed day filled with fun, food, fellowship and family.

Take a moment to forget about what’s not working out and just give a quiet thanks for the blessings that we so often take for granted.

And if you don’t have any of the richness laid out in the first sentence, at least be nice to the convienence store clerk as she rings up your lunch.

And if you don’t have money for lunch, call me. I’ll see if we can’t get you up here to the house to get your fill of all of my favorite things, see list above.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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You to man. Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanks Giving everyone!!

Happy turkey day!


Have a safe and happy holiday

BTW, Tim that was very well said, you have a way with words.

I wonder what other things that brings me a great interest here? Anyone?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!


And to you and yours! Definitely a time to be thankful.

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Lil bit sexist don’t ya think - even in 2012 ha ha :wink:

No, not in the least. But we live in a petty world where people find fault in things that just aren’t there.


I’m unable to find a thing sexist in that remark…unless your talking about the food part, and if so that’s just silly. I dont care what plumbing the person making my sandwich has so long as they have clean hands and remember to keep the mayo farrrrr away from my toast.

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Hm. Must be a PB & J then??


Mayo belongs in tuna fish, and dressed bananas (no more than twice a year) otherwise it is a foul substance that must be shunned.

Never heard of it… Just Googled it and it doesn’t look to great :joy:

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Oh it looks atrocious, but it’s surprisingly tasty, just no more than twice a year lol

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I googled it, too, and got this.

Never heard of dressed bananas before. I can understand why it’s only a twice-a-year thing.


… never knew they were uncommon https://www.food.com/recipe/dressed-bananas-501847

I went to the recipe. It lost me when it said, “Rub the outside of the banana with a thin coat of mayo.” That just doesn’t sound good at all. Maybe I’m missing something.


I know it sounds weird as hell, and around here they are generally only made at holidays. But they are tasty. Sweat and salty at the same time, soft and crunchy… may just be a Kentucky thing.

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