Halp! Oil sensor shutdown

Oil sensor keeps triggering on this igx700. I thought I had overfilled it: dipstick looked like it was above the line. Let a little oil out of the valve 10oz, maybe? Got the oil down just below the upper notch in the dipstick. Still shutting down.

Thoughts? How do I tell if the oil level is correct if the dipstick appears to be lying to me?

@Infinity I know that’s a new engine and hasn’t been broke in yet, but you can always drain the engine oil and change the filter and fill to manufactures specs if you think the dipstick is lying. Outside of that it could be a bad low oil sensor. Most engines have a separate low oil pressure sensor and low oil level sensor. I know its not much to go on.

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Disconnected and reconnected battery. Added a little oil back. Now it won’t startup at all. Before that., it would start and run for 20 seconds before shutting down. Weird ticking noise coming from the starter switch assembly when I turn the key to ON

The plot thickens. I decided to let that ticking continue for awhile instead of shutting the key off. Almost reminded me of an egg timer counting down, so thought it might’ve been some kind of reset countdown timer.

Sure enough, after a minute or so of listening to that ticking, the motor did it’s pre-startup routine. Cranked it over, and started up. 20 seconds in, oil light flashes, and the motor starts to die. Then just as it’s about to stall out, it cranks back up. Did that 2 or 3 more times before I finally shut it off.

Adding a tiny bit more oil to see what happens. This is so weird.

In most cases if the oil was truly low then the sensor would not allow the engine to start because the sensor grounds out the ignition. Sounds like the sensor could possibly have a short somewhere or just bad altogether.

You have to fill them slowly. And let them sit. It takes a lo g time for the oil to run down. If you over fill you will hurt the motor. When you check the oil in the igx motors you have to let it run at idle for a min. Then let it sit for a few minutes then check it. If you change filter 1.7l if you keep the filter 1.5l

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When you check the oil in the igx motors you have to let it run at idle for a min. Then let it sit for a few minutes then check it. If you change filter 1.7l if you keep the filter 1.5l

Turned out to be a bad ground connection from the machine to the bed.

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And now I’ve managed to blow the 300a fuse that’s on my master wire between the truck battery and all the stuff on the bed.

I probably shouldn’t be allowed to work on vehicle electrical. Residential electrical I’m great. Throw in some DC and take away the NEC, and I’m a buffoon.

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Glad to hear it was nothing major with the machine.

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My buddy Ruben came to my rescue with a new fuse, so I could reel my hoses in.

Machine won’t start at all, though. I fried something in the starter motor with my bad wiring job. Power is getting to the starter, but it’s just not doing anything. I’m hoping it’s something cheap, like the brushes.

Have you ruled out the solenoid?

Nevermind just read your getting power to the starter.

Yeah. I took it by the shop where I bought the motor. He did some probing and told me it was getting power. So I pulled the starter motor off and left it there for him to look at tomorrow.

Yikes man, sorry to hear you’re the guinea pig with this thing.

@Infinity I have Installed 7 of these I have trouble shooted all of them my cell is 540 295 6636 call me if you have questions



You are an asset to this forum, thank you for your willingness to help!

Ps: I got that burner working like a champ! Took me a while but that machines a beast! Out and making money… I need to update the thread on what it took to fix it


Don’t make me blush. I. Glad it’s working


I’m sure it was 100% my fault. But finding people that are familiar with them and can provide technical support has proved challenging.

@Firefighter4hire, thanks so much for your offer. I will take you up on that if I have any more issues. I think this issue is mostly sorted. Just waiting to hear back if the starter motor is complete toast, or just needs new brushes or something.

Do you know if it’s worth considering aftermarket options, if it needs a new motor? $260ish seems a bit steep, just for the sake of keeping it completely stock. I don’t think the starter in my Accord was that much :joy:. A motor is a motor, right? :smirk:

At any rate, this is my starter for the moment. 30mm socket on a drill. It works :man_shrugging:

Why would you have to buy? Thought it was a brand new machine. Surely the starter motor is covered under warranty.

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