Halftime: Thread Of The Year (Poll)


Which thread do you think has been the most beneficial so far this year?

One vote per person.
Voting ends next Wednesday 12am est
Votes are anonymous.
Top pick gets pinned globally for until Dec. 31, 2018, when next poll is posted.
Posts from 1/1/18-present eligible
In the event of a tie, my vote will be tie-breaker.

All great threads but which one deserves Global Pin? Vote now!


I like the “Housewashing process by the guy who can’t burn metal” thread, covers house washing and a bit of roof, and even a bit of equipment talk, good stuff. But I’d lock it so that it doesn’t get any longer


Locking and deleting threads is a quick way to kill a forum. PWI and TGS are testaments to that. Clear up the vulgarity and kick the riff raff and it’ll be good.



What a race!

Driveway was holding his own atop the pack with Degreaser close behind tied with Fallout.
Can’t Burn Metal was in last place this morning but with just a couple votes, is making a run up the leaderboard. House Fire has been in the mix from the start. You can’t count anyone out at this point!

Let’s get these votes to 100 before Monday!


I think few people are voting because they don’t want to read all that to make an educated decision. :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone’s on to it…:smirk:


Put Ramblings from my dad in the mix :slight_smile:


We shoulda had a poll to decide what should have been in the poll, lol.


If degreasing job I won’t soon forget isn’t the winner I’m going on strike.

I really think that needs to be at the top anyway.

That and a post @Infinity made about the 3 or 4 ways siding gets messed up. Wrong surfactant, too much pressure, etc. Alex, do you remember the post I’m talking about?

If I had to give up a non vital toe so the first two things new folks should see were these two things, I’d give you two.


Here you go:

All I did was search “@infinity dawn”, and then sorted the results by most recent.


Shazam! Don’t just pin those two to the top… sew them in. Lol


Lolololol thats great.


Wow, dead last… lol


I really would have voted for @Racer too. It was an excellent video!


Thanks. Yours was a great share too, but I think a lot of the people on here figure they’ll never face something like that or would never attempt to tackle if they did. I’m not sure I wouldn’t just walk away on one like that. Everyone does driveways.


Having finished, I would do the next one that comes along. Id do it differently obviously. Such a beast of a job and huge departure from the norm. Made me very thankful for the “boring” house washes this week but thankful for the education.


Thanks to everyone who voted for the Driveway video. I’m glad some of you found it helpful.


Congrats @Racer! What a close race. One more vote for any of them could have changed things. All the threads are top notch so keep providing the fantastic content folks.


Not in my heart.

Not if I can avoid it. Lol

I think people love a success story. Even if that success is a finished driveway. But some folks hate to think of the crappy stuff that can happen and/or being wrong so I think Mat’s video is Deep Horizons compared to Racer’s Little Giants. Lol

That’s my armchair analysis.