Degreasing Job I Wont Soon Forget


The following video is a cliff note presentation on doing/quoting work that one doesnt have experience with. The job is not over at this time. I will share more when its complete for those interested.

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First job. Huge!

Great video and a good lesson to be learned by everyone. This should be seen by nearly everyone on here. Way to hang in there and get it done. Good luck.

  1. Pin this to the top of the board! Yeah. I said.

  2. Watch every last second of this.

  3. @Nashvillewash you need private label that degreaser and have that company drop ship it for you. @CaCO3Girl check this out.


Is hot water being used to rinse? Where does the water go? Is there a requirement to contain the run off? Great video! I appreciate you making it and posting it.


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Cold water. No reclaim as this site has its own tied in. Thank you!


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I guess this one is for the pros. How likely is it that using hot water would have reduced the need for so much chem? Im wondering basically if the expense of a water heater would have been less than the expenses for all of the greaser.


As I started going down that path I wondered if the human body could make it in those conditions. I would probably choose that route, or try it in 3 months but not now.


Thanks for the post. There is alot to be learned glad you are still coming out a bit ahead.


Tough job and alot of lessons learned with it!


I am feeling your pain, brother. Been there more than once. Hang in there, and proper respects for fulfilling your commitments.

“He does not go back on his promise, even when it is bad for him.”
-King David


Mathew already answered it, but hot water in an enclosed space at 92+ and overhead is probably the least safe option in my opinion.

If you can safely use a chemical to do most of the work for you that should be the default option in my opinion. Also, if that’s a hot steel roof and it’s not hot enough to gel it who knows if hot water would even emulsify it the same way that chem does.

The only other thing I’ve ever seen that will turn grease grease from brown to white-ish is EBC.


Great video. I feel like these kind of situations are something that everybody goes through on their way from beginner to expert. Its all about how you handle it that shows you’re true character and helps to make or break you. That’s it for my inspirational rant. Good luck. Id love to see how this turns out.


I know this sucks for you but it says a lot about you as a person for A. Following through and B. Sharing it so others can avoid a similar situation. Best of luck to you and I hope it drives you a ton of business down the road.


Thanks for the kind words guys. I really appreciate them.


As a newbie I really appreciate this video. Thank you! Great information & keep on trucking through it buddy!


Fantastic video and thanks for sharing. Would anyone like to comment on what Matt should have done before submitting his quote?
I kind of feel like this is such a niche situation. How do you avoid making this mistake WITHOUT experiencing it???
The only other method I have used when quoting complicated jobs, as silly as this may sound, is to calculate my quote and then double it. You may or may not get the job, but if you do then you are paid to “learn on the job”. If you don’t get the contract, then thank your stars that you just dodged a massive bullet.
And… as Matt said, it also depends on where you are in your business timeline, a more established operator can afford to handle a situation that would simply break someone who is just getting started or in the “growth phase”.


Please show us the job completed! You obviously take pride in your work, show it off, you will have earned it. Also, after the job is done, I would love a video or post outlining what you learned and what you would have done differently.


I intend to show fully all the lessons learned here. From quoting to safety procedures, planning to execution. It will be lengthy…lol