Had a good day, wanted to share

Quoted a 3 story house and garage at $750 for pressure washing and window cleaning inside and out. Lots of the usual stuff on the eaves and siding, booked the full day for the job.

Got done at 12:30, got paid, took the wife out for lunch and had an afternoon nap.

Thanks for all your help guys.


Sounds like a good day! I’m adding window cleaning. Curious to know whatbyounuse on the exterior the majority of the time. filtered water and WFP?

If your not an experienced stick to exterior only. In out tracks sills screens will give you a big headache. You’d be better off hiring someone with experience or training someone down the road. Your to important to your business to be tied up in full out windows.

I’ll send pictures of my set up later. It’s simple Hudson battery backpack sprayer and I buy distilled water locally instead of messing with filters. I range 3-5 $ per pane , outside only. Customer removes screens

Average cost of water is less then $5 per house while average invoice for Windows is $130.


As of right now, I plan on exterior only. I have a DI/RO FILTER on the way with a tucker WFP

The key is charging high, I charge double for just exterior only compared to what most of my competitors charge for in , out , tracks n sills.

Only do exterior windows as an add on to a house wash. Your house wash mix will help clean the frames up and loosen up dirt in the seals. This will help alleviate most issues with using a WFP.


How do you get away with charging so high?

Nice! My best sales line is

“I also sent over a price for exterior window cleaning. This service is very popular with most of our customers to ensure streak free windows after the house wash. Most power washing companies won’t tell you but there is a great chance some of your windows will be left with some water spots after the house washing if the outside of the windows are not cleaned as well”

Depending on how busy we are depends on how much I try to upsell. This year alone exterior windows have raised our average ticket $60. About 40% go with it, even if they weren’t inquiring in the beginning.


It’s not getting away, it’s how you present it. I don’t do a per pane price… I have standard rates that range between $120 and $180. Averages out to 3-5$ per pane.

Most people don’t want to have to deal with multiple companies, the convenience is worth more to them then there $$

We also don’t do any scraping, or steel wool buffing.


Get that money bro. Good stuff & congrats. Is that your highest paying job so far?

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When you get the chance would you mind sending me a pic as well? I’d appreciate the hell out of that.

Thinking I’d like to add gutter cleaning & window cleaning along with pressure washing. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Just to make sure I’m understaing right, you throw some distilled water in the sprayer, and just rinse all the windows with it? no scrubbing, no WFP?

Not my highest, but hourly it is up there.

No…use a water fed pole

… hold the phone… you saying wfp…pump up sprayer…distilled water… need a breakdown of that to try

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oh I see, you just sub the backback sprayer for the DI tank…

I’ll post pics later tonight if the set up close up, what fittings you need and where to get them from.

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That window that you’re washing right there. Is that a 1 pane price or 2?

1… I don’t do per pane pricing though. Keep it simple and either go 120. 150. Or 180. Unless it’s a magical glass house then I’ll go and actually look at it

It’s one pane though…you’ll love to learn side by side panes instead of top bottom, less dripping and don’t have to come back to the same window later

For just that little set though it would be around $25… if I remember right these condos were $150 per unit and they had about 25 panes of glass a piece.

A lot of condos we wash (the association pays for) we offer exterior window cleaning also at the residents expense. The association puts it in there newsletter and email with a sign up sheet (paper option to mail in, and we will make a sign up form on our website specifically for there community). This condo project was $6200 in washing and $3200 in windows. Windows took about 25 minutes