Gutters Bid


If you’re using the standoff on the roof and flipping up the feet to dig into the turf, it doesn’t matter if your ladder is set out a little bit further than the standard 4:1 ratio.

Just make sure to lift up on the top of the ladder a bit while you’re getting those feet sunk in. Otherwise the ladder will extend a bit from the standoff grabbing the roof while the feet sink.


Yeah. No harm done man! I was under assumption it was favored to “lean against” vertical wall vs lean “down” on roof. Either way I wasn’t aware of a difference. I’ve done it both ways.


Download the ladder safety app by NIOSH

You put your phone against the rail of the ladder and it will beep and vibrate at the perfect angle.


I dunno about you guys, but I’m much more concerned if the ladder is going straight up and isn’t going to slide to the side. Finding a solid level place to put the feet seems much more important than the exact distance to the house.


That’s why I bought a Ladder-Max. It’s the only stabilizer OSHA approved for direct roof placement. Or that’s what their video said anyway. It’s also a lot more money. I bought one. It’s horrible. The Werner one is fine, but sometimes the white caps pop off when you are pulling the ladder away from the roof. One day I should tape those on or something.


Tennis balls to replace white caps. Osha doesn’t approve any product. It is either compliant or non compliant with OSHA.


Tennis balls are a great idea :bulb:

It looks like they changed the wording in their product description. And they no longer claim to be the “only stabilizer” approved for such use.


WHEW. This ain’t no joke. Think it was about 2500 ft of gutters. I’m about 90% done blowing out. I’m also cutting some trees back that hang over the gutters and rinsing down. Been up here 6 hrs straight. And started cramping bad. Had to take a break. Walk on some flat flooring did the trick. Drinking plenty of water. Not a body builder but I do stay in shape and don’t skip leg day. Though I’m thinking next leg day will def have to wait. It’s the angle of walking the roof I guess. Or I’m just a big baby.