Gutters Bid


True I don’t do many gutters . But I may give it a try on a upsale . I got 4 gpm machine I hear it’s not good for the motor do turn throttle down though


Same here. I don’t know anything about down throttle damage. I just did what I needed to to get the job done. Trust me, you can’t run full steam.

The eaves blow out goes really fast on a house, I haven’t had problems yet. I don’t want to break anything though…


Slowing the engine down reduces its cooling ability. People do it all the time without issue. But under load your going to want as much cooling as possible.


I am pretty sure one of the resident veterans uses the two ended hook without issues. Perhaps they can chime in. :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s the one I was referring to. It’s at Home Depot but is the rotating orfice sized for our GPM? I think it’s basically 2 of their regular rotating nozzles and those are rated for 3100psi but I think it’s like 2.5-3GPM so I assume it would be okay allowing more flow being dual.


Oh, ok. I thought they were straight shot tips, like a zero. Dual rotating tips for $23? Wow.

I have also seen this thing in action, and I prefer the control of a hook and 15 tip. I decide where the debris goes.


@Innocentbystander I have been doing ladder work with stand off arms at the top of my ladder. I remembered this advice and put my arms 3 rungs down. I used to feel so unsafe getting onto roofs, today it felt SO MUCH safer!

Thank you sir!


??? You’re bashing something you’ve never used? Ive used that gutter hook that you used and threw it in the trash after first use. It’s too hard to control it on an extension pole unless you have a flow actuated unloader. A pressure trapped unloader will kick it too hard because the water pressure comes out only one side. I use the attachment with the two turbo nozzles on it all the time with a 5.5gpm machine. It’s awesome. It sits down in the gutter and blows everything out 3 feet on each side regardless of how full the gutters are. No it doesn’t blow the end cap off either. It’s a bit messy but you have the pressure washer to clean up. I’ve had right up against the end caps before and nothing has happened…probably used 60-70 times and never a problem. On low pitched one story homes I’ll walk the roof and use my low pressure high rinse nozzle to blow the gutters out. Makes quick work of it


You are definitely correct about that kickback on the extension. I will have to give this thing a try. Sounds better than I thought.


Sounds like the right unloader would be a huge help.


I don’t do gutters nearly as often as house washing…but a pressure trapped unloader works well with the gutter attachment with two turbo nozzles. The sudden burst in power when you hit the trigger is your friend as it really blows debris out. I’ll let off the trigger and let the pressure build up for a second…the squeeze and more stuff flies out. I do that a few times per run of gutter…especially if why’re full. The only time the attachment didn’t work was a house that pine needles were overflowing the gutters by 6 inches. They were so compacted and interwoven down in the gutters that the attachment wouldn’t budge them. It was a 2.5 story home all around. It would have taken 5-6 hours to do by hand. I apologized and walked away. I’m not sure how a flow actuated unloader would work with this attachment.


finally made it out to this job. Been getting substantial rain so I am making my repairs before doing my clean out. Not much to clean out honestly.


I use this tool and it works great! Never blown out a seal ever!


Maybe this is obvious, but it was a revelation for me, so maybe it will help somebody:

For years, I have struggled with the hidden hangers. The front hooks in and then the back rotates down and hooks on the back of the gutter. Hooking the back is a huge pain if the shingles are in the way. I always end up with scraped knuckles and broken shingles.

I was doing some research and somebody pointed out that I can just skip that whole step. Hook the front and screw the back through the gutter instead of hooking it over. It feels a little hackish, but I don’t really see the downside. It’s going to save me a lot of aggravation. I was way too hung up on trying to do it the “right” way.


Bull horn goes on the roof. You are going to get hurt with the ladder placed like that.


You’re installing gutters?


A lot of people don’t think to clean their gutters until they have been completely clogged up and full of water for 6 months and the weight has pulled them away from the house. So I’ll usually replace a few hangers while I’m cleaning.

What do you do? Clean them and leave them hanging? Walk away? Or maybe you don’t have that problem? I see it on almost every house.


What about lean ratio? If I were to set them on the roof I would be a bit far back on the feet. Maybe 2’ back bowing the ladder some.


Stand with your feet at base of ladder, extend your arms, if fingers touch rungs it’s pretty much at the right angle. Your pic shows unsafe ladder placement and a crushed single. Not trying to pick on you, just don’t want you to get hurt


I am new. I’ve mostly run into ones not flowing due to blockages and debris. I’ve run into a couple that i felt needed replacing.