Gutters Bid


Got a retirement home with 2550 linear feet of gutters. I am asking advice on bidding with potential to earn this contract with relation to your past experience. I am submitting $1.50/FT for the second story at 2110 FT and $0.75/FT for first story of 438 FT. This will take me and a helper 3 8 hour days using my method of up and down ladder, scoop, vacuum and rinse down once all is clean. I could also bid per hour $120. Which makes the totals $600 of a difference bidding per foot over per hour.

What are y’all thoughts?


Pic? Remember, what may take you 3 days by hand can probably be done in half day walking the roof with a blower, so price accordingly


Yeah I’m not walking that roof. I saw a column of shingles torn apart so my money is that it may be a dead spot of loose roofing material.


I don’t think that peak in the 2nd, 4th and I think 5th needs to get done as there is no trees. Also the facility has 2 courtyards in the center.



Hey, I am new to the forum.

For the second story gutters, did you get a look to see if they need scooping out?

i just did the gutters on 6 condo buildings of the association I live in (600lf). I only cleaned out the first story ones and it was all shingle grit. There was not a leaf in one and the buildings are 15 years old. I charged $1 a foot. and it was all ladder, scoop and bucket. It was the first time they were cleaned and some spots were an inch thick of grit.

My biggest pain was getting rid of the shingle grit as it was about 700 lbs. The local dump wouldn’t take it as it is considered yard waste. I found a compost company that took it for $2 but had a 10 mile drive…



Those roofs are easily walkable or runable


The pitch isn’t bad at all. My concern is it appears that building maintenance is not a top priority as I saw multiple locations where the shingles were torn starting from the peak of the roof down towards the gutters. I guess I’ll invest in some bear claw shoe strap ons I saw on here not too long ago


We clean a good bit of gutters. The way we do it is by walking the roof with blowers the day before the landscape company is scheduled. I would invest in a pair of cougar paws first they do help. A roof like that would take two guys less than 1 day probably only a few hours. I would also wait for a day it hasn’t rained in a while . As long as what your blowing out the gutters isn’t wet you should have to rince the buildings of afterwords


If you’re not going to use a blower id price in a lift. Standing on a ladder for 8 hours for 3 days is going to kill you.


time and equipment rental add money to your bid. The cheaper you can do the job the more competitive your bid can be. It’s tough to imagine something that will take you and another guy 3 days . Can compete against a company that can do it I’m 1 day with the same amount of people. At least not in my area.


1 person with a lift can probably do the job faster than 3 guys with ladders.


There are 2 courtyards. Not possible to get it in there. Well I placed my estimate already. They aren’t going to move on the job until August or September. Thinking I’m either gonna walk the roof or blast it from the ground w my telescoping pole and a rinse nozzle or dual turbo nozzle. Just have to figure the courtyards out. If I spend more than 10 hours it probably ain’t worth it.


Well good luck. If you decide to walk ot you might want to invest in a harness system. Install permanent harness points every 40 ft or so. Then at least you’ll be safe


That’s gravy man. I’d walk that in a heartbeat.


If you don’t mind when you find those post a link if you would please.


I’d skip and frolic and click my heels together on that one. It’s one of the easier ones I’ve seen. Lol


Y’all are discouraging me here…my feelings are hurt and i need some tissues /s. Real talk though I have not walked a 2 story. I will tomorrow though. Got a residential gig in the morning. Just got some vertigo man that’s all. I had a close call about a month ago where I slipped and landed in some bushes. I just laid there for a minute reminiscing about high school.


If you aren’t comfortable walking it, don’t. No need to get hurt over money


But if it’s a quadruple dog dare…