Gutters Bid


Every area has out of work roofers if your not comfortable getting up there then don’t . You could probably hire an experienced roofer for the day that is comfortable and has his own harness and safety gear for less than it would cost you to buy a pair of cougar paws and a harness . And still get the job done in one day
Just so you know nobody is REALLY comfortable up on two and three story roof . So don’t kick yourself for being nervous. I clean 3 story apartment buildings roofs very often including this week but every time I’m about to step off the lift and on to the roof my ass still puckers up a little




Harness up and install D rings at the peak.
Be safe and look super pro. Plus add a charge in for the D rings and explain how anyone else going up ( roofers ) will benifit from them.


Check with your local laws before you put any anchors on a roof . States like mine only allows licensed roofers to attach anything to a roof. We hook our harness to a 3ft anchor that gets dropped down vent tubes


A few year back they were really cracking down on the satellite installers. Apparently there were causing a lot of roof leaks and Insurance companies were refusing to pay because the installers were not liscenced roofers


Thx for the heads up.


Snake oil man started that mess. Weights down a pvc pipe is a good way to die


Ain’t nobody got time for that! Semi conquered my vertigo.


Have to say I like the F9 better than Oxalic for this case. 10 minutes up and down. I think the oxalic would have been a bit more like 30 min. And I did touch up they 4th & 5th panel down.


Now throw that bucket away and get you a handheld stihl blower. Put the bull horn down two rungs and you satisfy OSHA and have a hand hold while stepping on and off the ladder


That bucket carried my f9. Dully notes about the bull horns. I actually am getting down from the first floor. Been in that pic on the edge for about 10 minutes. Blower retrieved. Job completion underway thanx!


Hydrochloric you would have been up and down in 15 seconds. Looks great though


I’ll have to look into that. Still would have stumped me getting down the ladder. So the bull horn installs on the second rung from the top or third? Cause I wouldn’t have been up there so long had the top of ladder been like a few inches above the gutter. I thought about that as soon as I was attempting to get down that I should have dropped the horns some


Lmao :joy:


I tried your method for gutter cleaning with the blower the other day, tiny job, part of a combo package, but man that was a fast 30 bucks. Good stuff


$30…will you come clean my gutters? Jk


Lol, it was like 10 feet, part of house wash, patio, driveway, etc


I’m just messing. Good work


Landed the job. I will now be their vendor for gutters. Got my foot in the door so I will try and get their windows too. Maybe a wash who knows. Will update when I actually do the job in August.


So, I got the contract for gutter clean out on a commercial 2-story property, I did not want to be on the roof either, so I used an 18’ extension wand with a gutter hook and a 15 degree tip. I had to turn down my engine to keep it from blasting out of my hands. But I didnt have to climb any ladders and just walked along blasting out the eaves. It was super fast and I just gave a quick rinse where ever the contents landed after.