Gutter ball

Has anyone used or experienced the gutter ball? I see that sells it and I’ve seen a couple videos on it’s use. I do a lot of gutter cleaning and almost took a fall off the roof last week. Slippery cedar roof. I fell but stayed on the roof. No damage to anything but my cell phone that was in my back pocket. I knew I should’nt have been up there as I didn’t have a safety harness. Anyway, I like the idea of staying on the ground and using the pressure washer. Any thoughts, Pros or Cons?


How do you clean up all the wet leaves etc after it has blown them all over the place. I would imagine that’s what happens when you use one.

I would call clean up a con. Any pros? I do like the idea of staying on the ground. I have been considering stopping gutter cleaning. This idea might keep me in the gutter biz if it can be used effectively.

i think in the power washing subforum in wcr i saw someone taping a vacuum of some sort to a pole.

Yeah I saw that. Interesting idea

Keith Cox, the man who created the Gutter Ball, wrote an article for us about it last year. I realize it’s not the same as getting other contractors’ endorsements, but it might be helpful. I know he talks about the wet leaves issue.

Thanks Allison. This information really helps. I think I am going to try it out and report back my experience with it. I need something that is effective and safe.

Did you ever use it? Is it worth it? Considering one myself.

@Seandz Most of these people are MIA. If you click on their name you can see when they last posted. So they haven’t been around for a bit.

The gutter cleaning guys can chime in here but I think there’s a reason they don’t use the gutter ball.

Plus, it seems like it could create a big mess on the siding. (I guess not a big deal if you’re already there for a house wash.)

That being said, if you get it, let us know how it goes!

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Good to know thanks!

Also, researching involves reading up as much as possible on the subject until you find out what you need to know/the most efficient way you think you can get the job done correctly. I see you will search for posts only to ask questions instead of doing this.

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I searched gutter ball and read all related posts. Even posted on an old thread before asking here. Maybe if pwra fixed the search feature and quit sending me to window cleaner I would have better results.

Edit. This very post your referring to is an old one from 2012, I didn’t create a new post asking the same question

Here is what I see when “searching”

I read every single one and posted to this one, the most relevant.

Be a bit more appreciative of this forum, it’s free and we’re lucky to have it. Here’s the link to the working search bar
Bookmark it so you don’t have to go looking around for it when needed.


I didn’t say anything about you creating new posts

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I do appreciate it. Just saying that I have never been able to actually click the search button without it being redirected. I’m on here every day and contribute as well. I read a lot, and ask questions upon things I read about. Lots of questions I ask are specific to other things discussed. I have seen you answer peoples questions many times with the link to the search bar. Is there some expectation you feel you have to answer everyone’s questions?

Thank you for posting a working search bar! This doesn’t exist on the forums on my phone.

I haven’t tried the gutter ball but I have this one from home depo and it works great on the end of my extended pole. I’ve used the same one for 4 years and cleaned a couple hundred gutters since. It’s fast but messy. You’ll have to rinse some off the sides of the house.

As for the mess it really doesn’t make the leaves much more wet than they already are from sitting in a gutter. It’s mainly the airflow it produces to get the leaves out.

I don’t do the leaf picking up side. If they want that done they can call a landscaper and I tell them that before I book it.


A ladder and 5 gallon bucket is hard to beat


This explains a lot