Greetings to all

Hello to all. After spending countless hours reading up on multiple topics I felt I should join this group. I have been impressed with all the knowledge and information that this site has to offer. I will be starting a PW business this spring in the SE Michigan area. It appears to be an under served area. I have researched equipment, chemicals, technique and feel I have a good understanding of the basics. I have done house washing in the past with my other company but would like to put more focus on this and other PW services. I was hesitant to put this post out there because I didn’t think anyone would really care, but I think I do want and need some professional input from this forum. I’ll be using a 12 volt system for roof washing, no proportioner, only batch mixing until I feel there is a demand for the service that would allow me to justify the added cost. I debated on the pressure washer itself, 5gpm or 8 and I decided on the 8. As I am buying new, the cost difference was minimal and I feel I would benefit more with the 8 in the future. Pressure washer products appears to have very competitive pricing and looks like a good company to do business with. I’ll be installing the equipment in the back of a pick up as I don’t want to pull a trailer. As I grow, I feel an enclosed trailer would be more advantageous then an open. I will be pursuing fence, deck and other flat work and I would like to thank you for all the incredible information and techniques that are here. There are a number of unselfish members here that give there knowledge freely. My finger is getting sore from typing this on my phone so I will be saying goodbye for now. If interested, I will post further updates as I put all this in action. Again, thanks to all for sharing your skills and knowledge.


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