GPS tracker

We see a lot of stolen trailers here, had a utility dragged off a few years ago. I see a lot of GPS trackers out there, any suggestions?

Also what are you guys using for security when they can’t be pulled into a garage?

I am in the same boat. I just tow it w me if I’m gonna be gone for most of the day. I have a coupler lock and want to get a boot for it but know that isn’t going to stop anyone that’s determined. With an angle grinder and plenty of time it’s hard to see anything stopping them

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Yeah here they steal them at 3am. I’ve even considered chaining the trailer to the ground somehow.

I’m more worried about during the day while I’m not home, I’m right next door to a big construction site atm

Do you have a single or double axle?

We chain the wheels together with this hardened steel beast.

I considered chaining the wheels except the thieves are dragging them down the road. A church got it’s nice red 6x10 v nose stolen last week and someone spotted them scraping it behind some truck, wheels screeching and all.

Put some on both sides and get an aa-12, I promise after the first encounter there won’t be any more issues :+1:

While the AA-12 is a great idea you’ll want to get a sentry system for it to guard it while your not there.

Darn @dcbrock if things are that bad…move.


Removable coupling, If they come with a spare coupling, your trailer was stolen weeks or months before you even knew about it.

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You can pull a trailer w/chains only, don’t need a hitch, it’s ugly but can be done :confused:

If they can get the trailer to there destination on chains without beating up there vehicle when they brake or ending up in the ditch I applaud there efforts, very talented lol.

I agree, thieves are stupid ;/ if they can get past my defense systems and are still breathing then they can have it…lol

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Get cameras. Motioner activated that notify you. You can set motion zones so it will only go off if they walk into that zone. Won’t stop them but will help to recover it. Cops won’t put a ton of effort into a case that has no chance especially if your one of 50 thefts that month. If you give them a running start you’ll have better luck.

I think a sign written trailer is a dead set giveaway that there’s a few thousand dollars worth of gear in the trailer that’s easily sold. If there after the trailer they get a huge bonus lol. You lose either way.

Make it easier for the scumbags to find an easier target…i really hate writing that but it’s a simple fact.

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Cops have been told not to respond to theft/break-in calls, you have to make a report over the phone now. This is where the Breanna Taylor incident happened so they are prioritizing.

Ok. Then your screwed. It’s open season on everything there right now. You’ll get a case number for your insurance company.


I guess back to the original question, who has a GPS tracker on their trailer?

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I use Automile. Very affordable and easy to hook up and very good customer service.

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