Got to love bleach


Did my first commercial job today. House/store/warehouse and it gave me some excellent before/after pictures. Got to love bleach!!!




Looks good


I hope you got as wet as I did…man it started at 1 and didn’t stop till I packed up at 4… Owell back to snow lol


Haha I got lucky, washed from about 8-12 . Was mostly dry


I got drenched today… glad it wasnt cold.


I rang my shirt out 3 times…I really wanted to ring out my jeans but then I would have had to charge extra…:joy:


It snowed here off and in all day! No accumulation thankfully! I ended up blowing out all my hoses and pump and turned the heater on in the shop… it’s 30 here now. I’m over this cold bs.


Nice work Jay!


Very nice! I did learn from this forum that when getting before and after pictures it’s best to get as close to the same picture before and after. Use the same picture point and try to get the same angle. It makes for better advertising. Looks great man!


Standing in the same place is huge. I’m thinking about trying marking flags to mark the spot I took the picture so I’m in the same place. Seems easier and more professional then using a bucket.


That’s a great idea… I’m an awful photographer.


Same here. I want to get a good camera but not sure what to get. I tried the Nikon tough ones and after breaking two in a month gave up on that


I’ve got a GoPro, but haven’t used it in a couple years. The battery life is awful… I just use my iPhone

But pics like @JayDavis’s go a long way. People love before and afters whether they’re perfect or not.


Perhaps some will be kind enough to chime in what cameras they use and recommend. I’m currently on the market for one.


Start a new thread so we don’t hijack Jay’s success anymore than we probably already have. Lol


True…My bad


I use my iPhone. Great quality!

Here’s an example of how I messed up a great opportunity for a before and after. One was great and one was a missed opportunity!



No worries. I started the snowball.