Got to love bleach


Iphone is what I use.


I’ll be getting a drone this summer before I do the free wash at the college. I want some sweet flyby footage!


Careful with the drone! There are SO many rules and regulations for those things. If it’s recreational its one thing, but the second you post those pics or videos its no longer considered recreational and the FAA steps in. I have a buddy that just took an FAA drone class and he said he had no idea how strict they were about them. Just a heads up!


For sure! I plan on doing the ffa test.


No worries, keep the conversation rolling. I know I’m horrible with before/after pics but trying to make it a point to improve. I’ve done a couple jobs where I totally forgot to take before pictures haha


Definitely not saying anything negative! Just making you aware like someone did with me!


Nope, didn’t take it in a negative way at all. Appreciate your feedback


Buy a adapter [IPhone] $7.00. Use a tripod when taking still’s, mark leg landings with tape or marker flags & get the same angle every time.


For our purposes I bet a monopod would work almost as well, and would be a lot quicker and more likely to get used.


I have a old camcorder tripod that I use for before & after shots & video but a mono pod would work for sure. Its best to use a full frame DSLR like the Nikon D 610-810. Much better for pro quality stills as well as video.


Just ordered this! Will let you all know how it works out.


I use my IPhone on a makeshift tripod. I take before and after pics and pics while I’m working by using the photo timer. I record videos with my IPhone also, edit them using the iMovie app and upload them from my phone to Facebook and YouTube. I take before pics but forget to take afters sometimes also.


I have something very similar. Works great.


Congrats on your first commercial…looks good!


Today’s wash went well! EXCEPT FOR MY NEW PUMP QUITTING!!! :rage:


My first shake shingle wash!



What happened to your pump?


Just must have been a factory defect? Exchanged it for a new one and it has ran through a few homes no problems so far! Just glad I bought it local so I could exchange it same day…