Google Profile Disabled

Hey everyone, my Google business profile was disabled a couple days ago and I’m curious if anyone here has ever dealt with this issue. When you contact customer support, which only communicates over email unfortunately, all they are telling me is to read the guidelines and make sure that my profile is meeting them, and my profile meets them all from what I can tell 100%. I only had 22 reviews but it’s taken a ton of work to earn them and that profile probably accounts for 30-40% of my leads. Any advice/wisdom is greatly appreciated!

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There could be any of 100 reasons for this…Google will probably be your best resource there. Something is triggering their spideysenses, just have to ID what and fix it (or pay someone to do it for you, and get back to washing…).

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@JAtkinson Google’s support team is very lackluster, it seems as though you can only communicate with them via email. They’ve only told me repeatedly that I need to review the guidelines and make sure that my profile meets them all, but it’s annoying because they won’t tell me what guideline it isn’t meeting. Who would I pay to help me resolve this, someone on Fiverr maybe?

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There should be a link they emailed you… follow the instructions & get your gmb identification number, cause you’ll need it. We went through it early spring. They will ask for proof of ownership so, scan a copy of your business license aka llc or dba… they might ask for a piece of mail with your company name & address, located to your GMB address. Good luck :+1:


@Oakley They actually never sent me a link to begin with, I just went to my account to get my review link and found out that way. Thank you for the advice!!

Email Google asking… “Why my GMB page got suspended.” This will start the verification process. They can’t tell you why it was suspended, because it was done by the algorithm & bot crawling. Something was tripped or you got reports for spammy behavior…

@Oakley I just sent in another reinstatement email with that wording, maybe that’ll do the trick. The weird thing is I haven’t changed any information on my profile in over a year or even added any photos in months. Previously it was suspended because I removed the business address, and they shut it down immediately after I made that move. This time I know for sure I didn’t make any recent changes so I really am stumped as to what the trigger couldve been.

Maybe they deemed it a dead profile…you really should be utilizing that thing weekly at the very least. They drop you down the list the longer it goes without updates/posts.

@JAtkinson Okay I didn’t know that, I thought as long as reviews were being added to it it would still be deemed active. Of course there’s no way to add photos when it’s disabled😅

Not sure what they deem as “active”, but from what I know (which isn’t much as far as GMB goes), they discount anything posted more than a week ago. They say you should be adding geotagged pics at least once a week if you want it to do well in the results.

I wouldn’t be shocked if they deem it as “inactive” if those things are never happening. Reviews would mean people are interacting, but doesn’t make it clear to them that you’re still around…so maybe :man_shrugging:

@JAtkinson That makes a ton of sense, I wish they laid that out in black and white for everyone. And at least give you a heads up that they’re about to suspend your profile if you don’t make x changes before x date. But with where they’re at financially I doubt they’re too concerned with improving their customer service/products.

They are the ones “in demand”…they have no incentive to provide quality service…

Do some Googling/Youtubing on keeping up your GMB profile. Make sure whatever you’re watching is VERY recent (like this year), because they change the algorithm all the time. The people we use have a team dedicated just to figuring it out and keeping up with changes :grimacing:

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From what i understand about GMB, “THEY” (meaning employees) don’t monitor these pages. It’s google algorithm & protocols… If google detects unusual activity, it will automatically send out its commands, like emailing user’s of activity & such.

This was explained to me by email, when we were trying to figure out why we were suspended. Again, they couldn’t tell us because Google took the action.

Just like you… we made no changes to our account, other than posting & messaging. Haven’t had an issue since reinstatement & we never changed anything…

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@JAtkinson You’re absolutely right, thank you for your advice!!

@Oakley You didn’t make any changes even after they suspended it?

Didn’t change a thing… even after it was reinstated.

@Oakley How about that, I submitted another reinstatement form yesterday wording it like you advised earlier, that and I got a guy on Fiverr trying to get this sorted out. So hopefully it’ll get back and running soon.

Hey Jevin1, any news on your GMB site? I’m in the same boat. Mine got disabled, then suspended after I sent a scan of my business license and screenshot of the receipt to the State Corporation Commission for my LLC. It’s been more than two weeks and nothing else from Google. What triggered this was I tried to update the page for spring and that’s what flagged it, then they needed me to prove I own the business. I don’t have a utility in the business name, or an address bc I’m a service area provider, I updated the service area and a few other blank lines on the profile. Still waiting.

@JAK41 They finally reinstated it last week, I ended up hiring a freelancer from Fiverr to resolve the matter for me, Google quit responding to me so at that point I felt that was my best option. The guy I used got the job done, masim12345, however he was a pain to deal with and also I just checked and it looks like he removed this gig from his profile, so just check the reviews and find a freelancer that has plenty of experience, it’ll be anywhere from $50-$100 but to get your profile back it’s worth it. They just know how to communicate with Google, their customer support is atrocious.

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GUYS GUYS, I do this daily as my 9-5 let me learn yawl some stuff.

  1. There is no such thing as a dead GMB. The only reason a GMB is suspended is if a user reports it and Google decides today your number is up. Submit the business redressal form with your corrections and stay on Googles ■■■. The age of reviews doesnt play a factor in getting listings suspended. Dead phone numbers, links, fishy reviews and duplicate listings do this.

  2. Google uses automatted systems, dont take this personally. If you dont hear back for a week or more dont be alarmed, just submit another form. Due everything perfect on the form and provide all the info you need, You dont want to be having a back and forth with Google.

  3. Some changes require verification. Address updates in particular will almost always trigger a postcard. If you have to do alot of updates on your GMB do them slowly over the course of afew weeks.

  4. Do not pay someone to solve your issues with Google unless your so busy you lose money from the time spent on correcting issues. Google plays a hurry up and wait game. Reaching out to someone on Fiverr is a last resort and to be honest your getting ripped off because they can only submit the same form as all of us. There are no special lines to reach Google, nobody is special. If your paying someone to manage the listing in its entirety, that’s a different thing.

  5. Make sure your listing is correct. If you run your business from your home, do not list your home as a business address (unless you have a sign in your front yard). List as a service area business. Do not list hours you dont answer your phone or return calls. Dont put spam in your listing, if your business is Jimmys ProWash, dont put “Jimmys ProWash | Power Washing”. I get multiple listings every day suspended for keyword stuffing and not being completly transparent in listings.

Source: I work a 9-5 in SEO, website development and marketing(Basically we get paid to make sure local service company’s appear first or near the top of Google). I also freelance and own a exterior cleaning company on the side If you have any questions let me know.