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For guys that are running ad words campaigns. What is your "sweet spot"monthly budget, daily budget, costs per clicks, etc. This was my first campaign and mr. Pipeline is running it for me. My average cost per click is $7.07, daily budget is around $16 and monthly budget is $500. The 15th of this month will be a full month of running it and i only have $150 left for clicks between then and now. Total money spent $794 total money made $973(so far and thats counting what i have scheduled) i have got 4 jobs from this campaign and have 49 clicks.

Keep in mind this is my first campaign and it has not been fully optimized yet. I know every market will be different but i would like to get some facts on this. Im thinking doubling up on daily/month budget might be worth it.

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Is this to be expected on the first campaign? Would you say this is bad or good?

Also interested in this. I was searching for some similar info because I just set up my AdWords account two days ago, got an email with my progress today and turns out I paid $32 for 4 clicks!!!

$8/click seems absolutely outrageous. I did some research and the AdWords ads in the top 10% of performance have about a 10% conversion rate, which in our case likely means a call. Let’s assume all my calls are residential and I close on every single call and have an average ticket of $350 on residential work.

For me to get 10 customers I would need 100 clicks, which would cost me $800. The revenue from those 100 clicks would be about $3500, putting my advertising expenses at over 20%, and this is all best case scenario. I probably won’t get a 10% conversation rate and I probably won’t close every single sale. I just don’t see how this can be remotely profitable. I’d want that expense to be closer to 5%.

Of course if you get a large $10k commercial job, sure it’s worth it. But I don’t want to gamble my money on advertising hoping a bit fish bites.

Looks like we are about the same. I was thinking 4 jobs out of 49 clicks was bad but i was told it was actually good.

Im thinking of doubling up next month because 2 clicks a day is kind of pointless to me i think.

How are you liking Mr. Pipeline?

SEO services are hit or miss you really have to trust somebody

I started adwords with Mr. Pipeline last week. I believe it went live yesterday. Will let you know how it works out my first month

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So you’ve made $200 from 4 jobs. You’d be better off putting up $99 HW signs.


If you guys have limited budgets, you’re absolutely nuts to to be spending $7-$8 per click.


Sorry i forgot about kim
4 jobs for a grand total of $1773
One of those jobs was just the north side of a small vynal house that was 10mins down the road for $68. I know but heck i was bored.

So ya i guess not to bad plus i have other jobs from referrals.

I mean I agree. It’s not like I decided to set my cpc at that much. Google just decided that’s how much my ad was worth I guess?

Id like to hear of a better way to get customers quick but it is what it is lol. Word to mouth doesnt really work without customers and walked about 10 miles last year putting out door hangers and didnt get a single call. Im sure i could get customers by knocking on doors but it feels wrong to me and i really hate to hear no​:cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

I have a guy spinning a sign on a main road in town. Seems to be very productive generating leads!


My budget is 500 per month also. last month it generated about 12 times that. it’s held its own every month. I’ve been doing it since September. I may or may not continue with adwords though due to I’m leaning more towards the commercial side of things and that takes a lot of knocking on doors and getting in front of the right people. at least it has in the past. I will continue until I’m comfortable enough with the amount of reoccurring flatwork. But even then continue to have them work on seo.

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Many years ago I was going to have a guy dressed as Santa holding a plow sign. Glad I didn’t! I hate residential customers.


Please be joking.


I love it … might have to steal this lol


I started an adwords campaign with mr pipeline a few days ago. Mostly out of curiosity. No contract so no risk. I’ll give it 3 months to say if it’s successful or not.


keep us posted

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