Getting sick of dealing with customers/potentials

Set aside some time this morning to make phone calls. 6 in total. Not a single one of them answered the phone.
One of the calls was to a customer that had filled out a check incorrectly. Called to get them to fix it.
Out of the past 8 checks I collected, 6 of them were made out incorrectly. Fortunately all but 1 were minor errors the bank ignored.

I’m trying to keep the machine well oiled and running smoothly, but it’s hard to do when people are mucking up the works.

Just venting, here. Don’t mind me.


Are they mailing them or are you getting them in person?
If in person, just make sure the written out numbers/words are right, the bank doesn’t care as much about the box on the right with the digits.

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I finally handed over all customer interactions to my wife. She’s been asking for a couple years to help me out. She always said she doesn’t mind customer service jobs. It took a month before she started complaining about the customers. Hahaha. She asked me the other day how I did everything and dealt with the customers for so long. I guess she thought all my whining over the years was for nothing.


Corbin, that reeks of bad Karma or enormous exaggeration. I’ve never gotten two incorrectly filled checks in a row and I always follow @Quons advice: rewrite the numerals as long as the longhand numerals are correct. Every now and then I have to take one down to the bank.

I haven’t received a check from a customer in over 4 years if I remember correctly, the last one that was handed to me at the shop we had a little laugh wondering what we do with it.


@musclemyhustle the last cheque I cashed was probably 10 years ago.
If someone tried write me one tomorrow I would be looking around for the Delorean.
My wife manages an accounting firm for a lady that is in her 80s who is still incredibly sharp however she does insist on faxing documents on occasion which provides us with a few chuckles.


As of June 2021 banks here won’t even recognise them anymore. Here’s a cutout of an email I received earlier in the year. It’s all digital now, times are changing.

Most of our customers now prefer the speed, safety and convenience of making and receiving payments digitally. As a result we have seen a large decline in the use of cheques and that’s why we’ve decided to end the use of cheques as a method of payment after 25 June 2021.

We know some customers may be worried about adapting to the new ways to pay. Rest assured, we’ll be here to support you as we make these changes over the next few months. This means you’ll have some time to get used to new ways to pay.


I guess we’re stuck in the 90’s, here in the States. Around two thirds of my customers still pay by check.


If the US did that, we’d have a lot of elderly people quite confused. Lol.

Our government will still send out tax refunds in paper check form if you request it.

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Wow, no checks, the bankers/financial institutions must be giddy.

I know people will laugh and think I wear tinfoil hats, but people can think what they like. Personally I love cash and checks, barter and exchange. I don’t trust an all digital system, too much control and tons more risk for just a tad bit more speed. A bank that tells you you are safe online is lying. The leading security firm in the U.S. got hacked, but your bank will tell you that it has the “besterestest” digital security. They tell this bold faced lie even after the international system of bank transfers (SWIFT) has been taken for billions. Most companies don’t even release information that they have been hacked for weeks or months later, some don’t even disclose it.

Besides, the banks would love to sell all that data on purchases/transactions that you make. If you are going fully digital with your finances, at least use a credit union where you have a vote. I don’t know, without reading a lot more, if you have credit unions overseas.

Now I have to put my tinfoil hat back on and crawl back into my bomb shelter :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same here. I always emphasize that cash or check is preferred but that we can accept cards if that’s all they have. I even have customers that still mail me checks lol now that still throws me for a loop.


I only accept checks. Occasionally someone only has cash, but checks keep you and your employees honest. But, I’d never take a check that was spelled with a “q”.

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What’s the alternative to a bank?

Burying your folding money in mason jars in the hills a la @Hotshot style

Did you not read my daddy’s book. Great grand pa did that by the river bank but died before he told anyone where. Daddy saw him but was only 3. In 1952 the family for a hypnotist or of Raleigh to hypnotize dad but no luck. There’s some old mason jars by the river on my land with some moldy money, maybe


Nope! I still haven’t even gotten time to read the book you sent me that link to about the Autry family in y’all’s area. At this rate, it’ll be December before I get to. But send me a link to your grandpa’s book too. I love a good treasure hunt story

I just want to say. I hate new things. The new profile pic is throwing me off and they moved the dang heart and quote buttons. Just unnecessary!


There are all kinds of financial institutions, from JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs to the local bank. Heck, there are lots of financial institutions, but not all are government approved (like vito who loans people money and collects the vig). I chose a credit union over a bank because I have a voice there (we cast ballots for the various positions). What I was saying is that I don’t want an entirely electronic/digital system. This gets to the whole scifi thing where everything is credit and who controls the credit. Besides, it isn’t really scifi anymore, like blockchain won’t be abused by a government entity or groups of like minded governmental bodies.

Majority of my customers write checks or give cash as they are at least in their 60’s. Venmo is really gaining steam though with the CEO types.

Damn bud thanks for clarifying, I thought we lost you to the flat earthers, glad your still with us :joy: