Getting rid of the ball valve!


I used to think having a ball valve was the best thing ever.

Being able to swap out the lance for the SC without switching off. Being able to rinse and control the spray of the ball valve.

Also, the ability to run water through my machine by leaving it open to clear the hose of chems and cool the pump (before I installed a buffer tank).

These days, it’s a deadweight when reeling in the hose, it’s clumsy, gets caught on anything it can - and it gets tiring turning it on and off (mine is heavy duty).

After speaking to @Innocentbystander in another thread, I’m going to use the ST2315 as the ballvalve and get rid of it completely.

Before I do, I just want to see if there is:

  1. any downside to this that I’m missing?

  2. how to safely convert a SC with a trigger?


I don’t see how it will compare when it comes to rinsing flat work. There are some obvious safety issues, but I love the ball valve for flat work.


Did you mean rinsing and not finding? If so, I agree. Rinsing flatwork with a ball valve is not on my list of unholy sins or lack of ethos. Some will disagree. Now, I recognized very early on that house washing with a ball valve is a big no no.

EDIT: Nevermind either you caught you or I’m crazy.


So rinsing seems to be the drawback so far. Wonder how IBS rinses?

Any thoughts on how to remove the SC (pictured) gun and SAFELY attach the male QC for the ST2315 to snap onto?


I’m not sure how IBS rinses. Most likely with a gun and different tips. As far as modifying the SC handle I have never tried it so my input would be useless. Sorry I’m not much help!


I’ve been thinking about that off and on for a couple of weeks. Can you remove the built in valve and attach the hose w QC permanently to the remaining handle?


Interesting. You can take out the trigger/ball and seat by simply unscrewing it. It leaves a small threaded bar, one end connected to the lance, but then how to safely attach to the frame somehow.

The clamped plastic gun case is what holds it all together, without it, it’s just a floppy hose :open_mouth:

I thought about brackets of some sort, but I think once connect, the ST2315 would wobble and make pushing it unsafe.

Thanks for the input! I’m sure it can be figured out :+1:t2:


Why would your ball valve ever catch on anything? You ALWAYS walk it back to the reel. In doing so you’re also bringing 1/2 the hose with you. A good ball valve assembly runs about $110, the QDC’s will get all kind of trash in them being dragged thru the dirt and grass. Just like anything else, you have to take care of it. I’ve never seen anyone drag it. Sheesh, I can only imagine what the rest of your equipment looks like if it’s treated similarly.

Just like some people should not own pets, you fine sir, should not own a ball valve. Please everyone, a moment of silence, in memory of the tortured and beaten ball valve, which is now being cast away like an old shoe.


Long winded, but yes - I shouldn’t. Turns out I don’t want to either :wink:

For the record, I do walk it back. It’s impossible to turn the reel handle with 200’ of dual braided hose on just flat concrete, never mind on grass or around corners.

Not sure why I typed that, probably just angry at the damn thing! So no, I don’t drag it.

It’s still big, heavy, clumsy and hard to turn and somewhat redundant.


LOL, I’m just having fun with you. It’s 3am in the morning and I just came in from replacing 2 12v pumps and making a few other changes so a little punchy. Seriously, my ball valve assembly is sleek, sexy and not very heavy. Going on over 3 years now and I’ve had to replace the ball valve itself one time. You should watch my video on. Long live the ball valve!


All good Rick :slight_smile:

…think mine is close to 1lb (I think that’s your measurement)

It has a handle that is half a foot long too.

I don’t think we are talking about the same ball valves ha ha.


I used to use one of those I reckon I pinched myself about a dozen times, while turning it on and off. Hated it.

I run a 4k 4g machine and with the 8gal tips on the jrod its too low, I imagine fully open would be less.

maybe for an 8gal, I cant see benefit for a 4gal. from what I understand many guys over there have a gun that attaches to their SC instead of a built in gun


I rinse with a nozzle. Proper nozzle flows the exact same amount as a ball valve with the ability to let go of the trigger and stop the water flow with one hand. I use eagle wash surface cleaners. They are designed to be used with a detachable trigger gun


Yes! You can also rig your whisper wash (or whatever) to work this way. It’s really the best way to go .


Yep, that’s the wrong ball valve! :+1:


Your not crazy. I’m horrible typed and speller and Siri doesn’t help much.


You run 8gpm machines. We should be using the same nozzle. Can you tell me which nozzle you use? I would be happy to ditch the ball valve but I don’t know of a better way. Are you using 15deg ?


What ball valve are you running? Or where is this video you speak of?


Check out his driveway cleaning video